Magazine Publishing


Looking to move your content online, but overwhelmed by the tech spec demands of a million media platforms? Kim Latreille, Group Production Director for St. Joseph Media, will take you through the evolution of digital and online production, right up to today. You will get a solid grounding of digital forms – static vs. dynamic, tablets to mobile apps, blogs and social networks – and will learn how to develop a start-to-finish workflow process that will help you make the successful move online.

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Kim Latreille is the National Director of Production at St. Joseph Media and teaches part of the Magazine and Web Publishing certificate program at Ryerson University. She is the newly appointed Chair of the Magazines Canada Technical Standards Committee.


Module 1: An Overview of Platforms and Content
  • Platforms for Interactive Publishing and the Differences Between Them
  • Types of Digital Content
Module 2: Effective Production Management on Multiple Platforms
  • Project Management
  • The Planning Process
  • Workflow Charts
  • Considerations for In-house Content Creation or Outsourcing
  • Feasibility Within an Organization
  • Creating Standards and Quality Assurance
  • Creating the Next Steps to Implement a Digital Publishing Workflow
  • Workflow Manuals
Module 3: Premedia in a Multi-Platform Publishing Environment
  • Challenges for Publishers
  • Extending Content to Other Channels
  • Print is at the Core
  • Evolving Content Management
  • From Print to Digital
  • Workflow Solutions for Cross-media Publishing
  • Digital Asset Management Systems
  • Automating Processes With Taskmaster Software
Module 4: Planning and Scheduling for Multiple Platforms
  • How to Start
  • Mapping and Charting
  • Determining a Master Publishing Schedule