Magazine Publishing


With the rise of digital media, magazine circulation has become a more complex game – but one full of opportunity. Join Jon Spencer, founder of Abacus Circulation Inc, as he demonstrates how to assess new circulation opportunities in the digital realm, and how to prioritize these new options. With his extensive experience and eye for the individual – "every magazine is completely unique" – Jon will guide you to new and essential digital circulation strategies.

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Jon Spencer is Circulation Manager for Ski Canada, Opera Canada, the Literary Review of Canada, and has consulted for a wide variety of other magazines. Jon recently spent a year as Acting Group Circulation Director for St. Joseph Media.


Module 1: Implications for Circulation of the Digital era for Magazines Introduction
  • Digital Magazine Products
  • Digital Marketing Opportunities
  • Digital Magazine Products
  • Anticipating - and Reacting to - a Rapidly Evolving Market
  • Who is Responsible for Marketing your Many Products?
  • Integrating Databases, or Replicating Customer-level Data Between Databases
  • Digital Marketing
Module 2: Digital Magazine Products, Devices and Platforms
  • What is a Digital Magazine Product?
  • Developing and Understanding Your Magazine's Multi-platform Strategy
  • Digital Replica Editions
  • Mobile Apps and the Mobile Web
  • Refining Your Multi-platform Marketing Strategy
Module 3: Online Magazine Promotion Introduction
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Generating Revenue From Your Magazine's Website
  • Advertising on Other Websites
  • Email Acquisition Marketing
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • "Daily Deal" Group Coupon Marketing
Module 4: Customer Care Introduction
  • Shopping Cart and Payment Processing Software
  • Creating an Outstanding Customer Self-care ("CSC") Website
Module 5: Social Media
  • Social Media: Much Ado About Precious Little
  • Social Networking: Facebook and Twitter
  • Other Social Media Platforms, and User-generated Content
Module 6: Print and Online Connections
  • How Important is Online Ordering in Each of Your Major Sources of Subscriptions?
  • Encouraging Prospects to Order Online
  • What Kind of "Friendly" URL Should you Print on Offline Promos?
  • What Type of Landing Page Should Print-promo Respondents See?
  • Ordering via Email
  • Online Orders From Your Digital Edition – it isn't "Print" but it Looks Just Like Print
  • Getting Readers to go to Your Website for all Sorts of Reasons
Module 7: E-Reneweals Introduction
  • The Importance of Testing
  • Capturing Email Addresses
  • E-renewals: Plain or Snazzy?
  • E-renewal Creative Approaches
  • E-renewal Best Practices
  • E-renewal Scheduling
  • E-renewal Deployment Reports
Module 8: Auto-Renewal Introduction
  • Auto-renewal by Credit Card, or an Annual Invoice?
  • Optional or "Forced" Auto Renewal?
  • When to Offer Auto-renewal?
  • What Other Details Might you be Forgetting?
Module 9: Reporting and Analysis
  • What a Strong Reporting System Looks Like
  • Creating and Developing Reporting Databases
  • Site Traffic Reporting
  • Online Marketing Campaign Reports
  • Social Networking Trend Reports
  • E-Newsletter Deployment Reports
  • Offline Acquisition Campaign Analysis
  • Offering Subscriptions to Digital Editions
  • Renewal Analysis
  • Circulation Overview/Trend Reporting