Magazine Publishing


Jacqueline Howe comes to you with a loaded message: "I can certainly tell you it's a very exciting time to be in the magazine business. Your clients and your agencies have never demanded more from you." Let Jacqueline lay out the constantly evolving and lucrative world of digital advertising, and benefit from her extensive experience and current knowledge of this fast-paced field. You'll learn about marketing's new vocabulary, search engine optimization, the business side of social media and much more.

Order the Magazine Publishing Resources and take advantage of both the online and PDF versions.

Jacqueline Howe is Chief Publishing Officer at Howe Brand. She was Vice-President, Group Publisher at Transcontinental Media; President, Avid Media; and, Advertising Sales Director at Camar Publications.


Module 1: Digitization of Advertising
  • Marketing's New Vocabulary
  • Five Forms of Media that are on Your Client's Mind (and your bosses')
  • Best in Class Examples of Marketing Channels
  • The Changing Role
  • The Evolution of Traditional Media
Module 2: Digital Basics
  • The Digital Currency
  • Why the CPM Model is Best
  • Fixed Position Selling
  • Traditional Value Metrics Still Apply
  • Additional Revenue Models
  • Audience Guarantees and Make Goods
  • Online Advertising Requires Constant Service
  • Ad Networks
  • Where Your Traffic Comes From
  • Affiliate Programs
Module 3: Digital Media Buying
  • The Process
  • Ad Formats
  • Ad Serving
  • Video Ads
Module 4: Digital Measurement
  • Audit Bureaus
  • Audience Measurement
  • Developing an Online Media Kit
Module 5: The Next Big Thing - Web 3.0
  • Social Media
  • On the Go
  • Mobile