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Want to get your magazine online, but have no idea where to start? Take advantage of a new series of resources developed by experts in the field. Our resources offer valuable wisdom on digitization in the magazine publishing industry in the editorial, advertising, production and circulation – all focused on launching a successful online presence for your magazine.

Order the Magazine Publishing Resources and take advantage of both the online and PDF versions.

Online Resources

  • Editorial

    Learn how to develop a start-to-finish workflow process that will help you make the successful move online.
  • Production

    Learn how to create that unique online experience rather than simply replicating your print edition.
  • Circulation

    Learn about new and essential digital circulation strategies.
  • Advertising

    Learn about marketing’s new vocabulary, search engine optimization, the business side of social media and much more.


Are you planning to use the resources with a group? Save money with our license that allows more than 5 users at a time to use the complete package for a period of one year.

Purchase a license for the Magazine Publishing Resources for $149.99.

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