About the Cross Sectoral Recovery Roundtables (CSRR)

Developed in consultation with sector associations, the Cross Sectoral Recovery Roundtables (CSRR) will focus on mid-term actions for 2 years.

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Orientation package for CSRR Caucus Representatives


To bring together spokespersons from across the country to share and discuss issues facing the arts and culture sector in all disciplines. These tables are temporary structures designed to serve the short-to mid-term needs of our sector during the recovery period from Covid-19 (expected to last one to two years). Social/physical distancing is understandably a necessary practice in the face of the current health crisis; however, this has deleterious effects on arts and culture practices, from live arts to screen-based production. Different sub-sectors (disciplines) may need nuanced approaches to their own recovery, and at the same time we are stronger when we work together, learn from one another, and consider the bigger picture of our overall sector to mutual benefit.


Primary goals

  • To prepare for recovery and to reignite Canada's creative sector anew: Change management; business recovery, development and financing; address labour and resource requirements; innovate / future market; aim for an optimal restart of the creative value chain, etc.
  • To promote/deepen cross sectoral crisis management & collaboration; to hear from one another in democratic/transparent setting; to learn collectively and help each other (and our sector) get through this crisis.
  • To act as a conduit to (and from) the federal government where the mutual interests of the cultural sector can be served well, or augmented, by this pan-Canadian pan-sectoral organization.

Secondary goals

  • To embrace the opportunity for creative experimentation, project ideation, and innovation for all artists, creatives, and arts/culture workers
  • To support each other's initiatives: endorsements, augment/echo messaging, combine our voices for common cause when appropriate, etc.
  • To ensure the continued future vitality of cultures unique to these lands: Indigenous, Québecois, Canadian, French-Canadian, and countless more.

But what will the Roundtables do?

The roundtables are self-determining and are intended to provide focus on the top issues affecting the cultural sector. When we’re able to say “this is important to us, and we represent the nearly 800,000 Canadians working in culture”, our collective voice will be heard loud and clear.

Updated Governance Documents

Governance documents for the roundtables were finessed over the summer in consideration of the feedback received during the second wave of consultations conducted in May 2020, and in deference to operationalizing the project. The governance guidelines are available in English and in French. In the interest of transparency, a companion document (in English and in French) identifies all changes made since the spring and provides their rationale. You may also refer to the current organizational chart for an overview.

CHRC Steering Committee for the CSRR project

CHRC is pleased to announce its CSRR Steering Committee members. The Steering Committee has been put together and activated to: offer general oversight on the process; give suggestions on the project; and, to serve as an external consultation process if/when need be. The Steering Committee will not be involved in the minutiae or CSRR workflow but rather works as an oversight mechanism and independent discussion board of senior advisors. CHRC wishes to thank the following individuals for graciously accepting the invitation to sit on this committee:

Richard Hornsby
Pascale Landry
Duncan McKie
Robert Sirman
Thom Sparling
Lindsay Tremblay
Zainub Verjee

We look forward to your participation!

This project’s success relies on the participation of all arts and culture sector stakeholders. Please contact us as indicated below at your convenience with any questions, concerns, or comments.

For further information, please contact

Email specific to this project: CSRR-TRIR@culturalhrc.ca
Grégoire Gagnon, Executive Director, CHRC; 613-562-1535, ext. 22; ggagnon@culturalhrc.ca
Jane Needles, CSRR Project Consultant; 514-914-2448; jane@jneedles.com