Competency Charts and Profiles

Music and Sound Recording


Are you an independent musician who wants to market and distribute your own music? Are you ready to publish your music and want to engage the skills of a good music publisher? Have you ever wondered if you have the right skills to be a music artist manager? Are you thinking of setting up your own record label business? Do you need extra training? What skills do you already possess that would make you an asset to a record company?

Look no further.

CHRC, through its Music Industry Steering Committee of leaders in the industry and Expert Working Groups of practicing professionals, has completed Competency Charts and Profiles and Training Gaps Analyses for Booking Agents, Recorded Music Production, Presenters, Music Publishers, Development, Marketing and Distribution in the Music Industry, Music Artist Managers. These charts and profiles will answer some of your questions and assist you in making the right career choices.

CHRC has also published "Now Hear This" to explore careers in the industry; and has produced course content on Rights Management for those who want to navigate the complex waters of copyright in its various guises for musicians, as well as "Welcome to the Future: a Guide to Marketing Music in the New Economy".

These are just some of the tools and resources you will find on this site.

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