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To all Canadian cultural workers and artists,

This is an odd time that may have significant impacts on you, your loved ones and your artistic practices. We know that many cultural workers suffer from precarious and unstable work conditions. Social distancing measures are bound to exacerbate this condition.

However, we know how resilient the workforce is and we know just how much creativity is a boon when difficulties arise. This is a time when we can do things differently and prove yet again that no matter what happens, artistic life will continue. While we may not be able to meet in person, we’ve seen the conversations come up on social media: this is the perfect time for people to pick up a book, paint, practice an instrument, etc. The current information age provides us with opportunities to continue interacting with students, deliver podcasts or live shows.

CHRC welcomes ideas to be shared on social media about how to mitigate the impacts or even how to counteract the present hurdles.

Cultural workers and artists, let’s seize this opportunity to show Canadians that social distancing will not close us down, we’ve always found a way. As creators, let’s harness the tools that we have to continue to enrich lives.

Kind regards,


Grégoire Gagnon, D. Mus., MPA & MBA
Executive Director