HR Management Toolkit


A Guide to Help You Solve Your HR Issues

Expand the scope of your HR knowledge with our HR Management Toolkit developed specially for the Cultural Sector.

Regardless of where they work or what their jobs are, people are motivated by the same things: stimulating work, fair compensation, good management, a supportive and friendly workplace, and open communications. They stay in or leave organizations – in any sector – for the same reasons.

Cultural managers keep our HR Tools at their fingertips, as they help them solve the myriad of HR issues they have to deal with in order to retain their employees and to keep a productive work environment.

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HR Management Toolkit

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PDF format

New tool on '“Workplace Harassment and Violence'

New tool on “Workplace Harassment and Violence”

PDF format

HR Management Toolkit

HR Management Toolkit

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License the HR Management Toolkit for Your Classroom

CHRC grants a one-year license to organizations (charging $199.99 to members and $399.99 to non-members) for access to CHRC’s HR Management Toolkit.

The licence gives the licencee the right to print its own copy (one) of the document and allows up to 30 students to purchase the complete toolkit at the reduced price of $99.99 (instead of $199.99). 

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