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On behalf of everyone at CHRC, I hope this note finds you well. We know how busy everyone is with their responsibilities at home while also working from home so I’ll be brief!

There are a few topics that I’d like to share information on; our work with the Canadian Arts Coalition and our Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee, the LEAN initiative and a CHRC Board Member’s recent success.

Without further ado…

First, a big thanks to the Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) and our Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee (PATAC) members for their contributions to our business, organizations and individuals resource page. We’ll keep updating as information becomes available.

CHRC is also in regular contact with the Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC). The CAC Steering Committee is exploring different ways it may support the work of the sector's Arts Service Organizations and Artist Associations, as well as ways to partner with and support the work of CHRC. More details to follow in the coming week(s) as we hope to add value to cross-sectoral collaboration in both official languages.

Second, do you need help or can you provide help? The LEADERHIP EMERGENCY ARTS NETWORK (LEAN) is an immediate, ad hoc, pro bono response to help non-profit arts organizations (big and small) deal with what is coming at them. Michele Maheux, Jeanne Lesage and Celia Smith have launched this national initiative and already have 100 advisers signed on. These advisers are all sector leaders including board members, current and former EDs, consultants, etc. from across the country.

Whether you have experience or expertise in, or need a helping hand with, strategic decision-making, crisis management, financial analysis, board direction, relationship mediation, HR management, inspirational leadership, etc., please sign up on our resource page and please spread the word.

Third, CONGRATULATIONS to CHRC Board Member Zainub Verjee, recipient of the 2020 Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts for her Outstanding Contribution as Cultural Administrator and Arts Advocate!

Great job Zainub! See the story here:

A quick suggestion before saying goodbye…keep a journal…there are a number of information gathering efforts under way and there will be for some time. It is a very good idea for everyone to track any direct and indirect economic impacts suffered from the current situation and that everyone tracks any time or expertise devoted to free online (or other) offerings. All of that information will be of use some time in the future.

To all: stay safe, stay healthy, stay home.

Kind regards,


Grégoire Gagnon, D. Mus., MPA & MBA
Executive Director
613-562-1535 x22