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Newly released: Quick Reference Guides for provincial legislation on harassment!

Under the Respectful Workplaces in the Arts umbrella, the Cultural Human Resources Council is pleased to release 13 Quick Reference Guides to assist cultural organizations with implementing and sustaining compliance with harassment legislation by province and territory. These handy guides provide seven key compliance strategies and practical considerations to ensure employers (including Boards of Directors and arts organizations) meet their obligations and address workplace harassment issues as they arise.

  • Examine: Know your legal obligations
  • Assess: Identify practices that could make your workplace susceptible to harassment risks
  • Create a customized workplace harassment policy and program
  • Implement and Enforce: ensure workplace policies are consistently applies
  • Address: Appropriately intake incidents and complaints and respond
  • Investigate: Conduct investigations that are appropriate in the circumstances
  • Restore: Assess and address impact on individuals and culture post-investigation

Still under production: 26 webcasts (13 English and 13 French) detailing harassment legislation compliance by province and territory – complementary to the Quick Reference Guides.

Funding generously provided by the Canada Council for the Arts