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Respectful Workplaces in the Arts now has an online home!

Respectful Workplaces in the Arts, the Cultural Human Resources Council’s anti-harassment project, has reached a milestone with the launching of its website:

Here you’ll find training resources on harassment specific to the cultural sector, such as CHRC’s HR tool on “Workplace Harassment and Violence” and links to national and international online training resources.

You will also find materials for the Respectful Workplaces in the Arts advertising campaign for your organization’s use – including PDFs, web banners and a video - which you are free to share and download and use to demonstrate support for Respect in your workplaces.

The website, like the Respectful Workplaces in the Arts project itself, is in its early days and materials continue to be added as the project advances.

Coming up this Fall and Winter:

  • Training video for artists/workers/employees
  • Training video for employers (including Boards)
  • A Code of Conduct for the live performing arts
  • Webcasts on provincial and territorial legislation relating to harassment
  • Cross-country consultations with equity-seeking groups
  • Report with recommendations on “Reporting and Investigating Mechanisms in Cases of Harassment”
  • Train-the-trainer sessions

Stay tuned for further updates!

For further information contact Susan Annis or Ieashia Minott

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