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Rights Management 101 (2012)

Rights Management 101 (2012)

These training resources are for trainers who want to offer workshops or in depth courses on rights management in the music industry; and for individuals who want to improve their understanding of the complexities of rights management for their personal benefit. Rights management knowledge is vital to anyone working in the music industry today.

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The package includes online resources developed and tested during workshops conducted in 2011 by music industry veterans Jodie Ferneyhough (English version) and Diane Lamarre (French version).

The package also includes the documents used to develop the workshop material – Rights Management: An Overview, Basic Principles, and Case Studies. These are available in PDF format.

The online resources give a practical overview of rights management; the documents offer an in depth explanation and examples of how rights management works.


"I have gained a better insight into how publishing/royalties work as well as learned the best way to approach the film/tv industry with my music and get it heard."

Online Resources

  • General Information
    • Rights of Your Song in a Recording
    • Copyright... some background
  • Ownership and Responsibilities
    • Roles
    • Publishing Agreements
    • Master Rights/ Recording Co.
  • Collectives Agencies and Associations
  • Remuneration
    • Copyright Publishing and Author Rights
    • Mechanical Income
    • Digital Downloads
    • Private Copy Income
    • Broadcast Mechanical Tariff
    • Performance Income
    • Radio Performance
    • Performance Royalties
    • Neighbouring Rights
    • Reproduction Royalties

An Overview of the Music Industry in Canada

  • The Music Industry
    1. Ongoing business and creative issues
    2. Structural changes currently occurring and possible future directions
  • The relationship of all of these 'big picture' issues to the specific matters and issues addressed in this course.
  • A review of music industry issues that relate to the subject matter of thecourse.

Basic Principles of Copyright in the Music Industry

  • Introduction
  • Copyright
    1. Subject-matter Protected
    2. Principal Types of Copyright Implemented in the Context of Audiovisual Uses, Internet Uses and Ringtones
    3. Schemes for the Collective Administration of Copyright
    4. Ownership and Transmission of Copyright
  • Collectives Agencies and Associations
  • Remuneration
    1. Concept and Legal Status of Collective Societies
    2. Notice and Legal Status of Artists Association
  • Conclusion

Case Studies in Rights Management in the Music Industry

  • Summary of Case Studies
  • Case Study: DVD Rights
  • Case Study: Ringtones / Mobile Rights
  • Case Study: Synchronization Rights
  • Case Study: The Internet
Welcome to the Future: A Guide to Marketing Music in the New Economy (2009)

Welcome to the Future: A Guide to Marketing Music in the New Economy (2009)

In an industry undergoing extraordinarily rapid change as a result of evolving technology and the forces of globalization, knowing how to navigate new ways and means of reaching audiences is one of the biggest challenges. Learning how to take advantage of the potential opportunities of new technology to market around the world is the key to success.

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Whether you are an artist, musician, composer, performer, music entrepreneur or however you contribute to the business of music, you know that the world around you – the music world in which you create, interpret and execute your dreams – is changing, and, more than ever, effective and dynamic marketing is essential for your success.

Welcome to the Future provides information, tips and sound advice in a series of intriguing and engaging units, including:

  • Marketing; Marketing Basics [Sample PDF]
  • Knowing Your Customer (All you need is love)
  • The Marketing Plan
  • Nuts and Bolts, Tried and Mostly True
  • It's Not Your Father's Oldsmobile
  • Been There, Still Doing It (and T-shirts too!)
  • New Kids on the Block
  • Catching up with the Rest of the World.

This course document was developed for educators to adapt course curriculum; to individual musicians who are ready to promote their own songs; and to producers and agents who are marketing their bands and artists.

The Art of Managing Your Career

The Art of Managing Your Career

Developed by artists and cultural workers, The Art of Managing Your Career provides emerging self-employed artists and cultural workers with pertinent and practical information to better manage their careers.