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Visual Arts and Crafts - What You Need to Know

Starting With You

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Can you imagine a world without art?

Is your mind's eye always at work? Do you feel fulfilled and alive when you're drawing, making or designing something? Do you get excited by vivid colours and striking images in a painting or photograph? Are you intrigued by the style and design of an ad or a website? Then visual arts, crafts and design could provide you with a deeply satisfying career path that would engage your eye, hand, head and heart.

Perhaps you dream of being an artist or craftsperson selling your vision to the public. Maybe you'd like to get into computer animation or web design. Perhaps running a crafts store or art or gallery is your ambition. Whatever route you choose, you'll need to identify your skills and develop them to their fullest potential.

Curiosity checklist

How can you know if a career in visual arts, crafts or design would be right for you? Use the following checklist and see if your interests and talents fit this fascinating career path.

Curiosity Checklist

Do you...

Love to paint?
Have a flair for working with your hands?
Enjoy illustrations in magazines?
Like wandering through art galleries?
Appreciate the visuals in music videos?
Like exploring crafts fairs?
Look for graphics on the internet?
Thrive on expressing your creativity?
Enjoy solving problems?
Want the freedom to direct your own projects?
Seek to communicate your enthusiasm to others?
Adapt well to change?
Enjoy working with new technologies?
Trust your own convictions?
Prefer to work independently?