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Careers In Culture

Music and Sound Recording


The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) would like to thank the many people who worked on the development of this web-based resource.

The CHRC Music and Sound Recording Advisory Committee members

  • Eddy Bayens, President, Edmonton Musicians Association and Chair, AFofM Law Committee
  • Pierre Blanchet, Director of Finance and Professional Development, ADISQ
  • Richard Hornsby, Director of Music, University of New Brunswick


Developed and revised by Sibyl Frei, DeGros Marsh Consulting
CHRC staff: Susan Annis, Lucie D’Aoust and Geneviève Denis

And a special word of thanks to all those people working in music and sound recording who took the time to talk to CHRC about their work so that others could better understand this unique and dynamic career path.

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