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Careers In Culture

Digital Media


The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) wants to thank the many people who worked on the development of this web-based resource.


Ian Kelso, CIAIC (ON) - Chair
Deirdre Ayre, Other Ocean Group Canada Ltd (PEI)
Jason Lee Elliott, Digital Media Expert and Instructor (BC)
Alexander Gault, VP, Product Marketing, Mobovivo (MB)
Louie Ghiz, New Media Manitoba (MB)
Donald Henderson, Interactive Ontario (ON)
Richard Hornsby, UNB (NB)
Alastair Jarvis, HB Studios (NS)
Serge Landry, Miralupa inc. (QC)
Ryan Lejbak, zu (SK)
Pierre Proulx, Alliance numérique (QC)
Mark Sandiford, Island Film Factory (PEI)
Philippe Turp, Ubisoft Montréal
Diane Williamson, Digital Wizards (ON)


Susan Annis – Executive Director, CHRC
Lucie D'Aoust – Sr. Project Manager, CHRC
Michael Lechasseur – Web Coordinator, CHRC
Kenji Toyooka – Graphic design and web programming
Kathy Mary Gibson of Catchy Consulting Inc. – Text revision
Louise Allaire – Translation

And a special word of thanks to all the employers and workers in the digital media industry who took the time to talk to CHRC about their work so that others could better understand this unique and dynamic career path.

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