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Film and Television


In November 2003, CHRC organized a Roundtable for Film and Television artists and cultural workers to identify training and other HR issues facing the industry.

This was followed by a Summit on HR in the Film and Television Industry in April 2004 when representatives of all parts of the Film and Television industry congregated to discuss training needs: directors and producers, actors and musicians, writers and composers, and below-the-line workers. Two recommendations flowed from that important gathering:

  • That there be harmonization of training in the film and television industry;
  • That a national film and television training data base be built.

CHRC took the lead on both those recommendations.

It oversaw the preparation of a national training strategy for the film and television industry which was published in Fast Forward. The strategy includes over 50 recommendations for an integrated approach to training with multiple players involved in the follow up.

To complement these initiatives, CHRC has also overseen the development of competency charts and profiles for Documentary Filmmakers and for Production Managers; and an online course on Research and Document Use for Documentary Filmmakers.