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The Artist as Entrepreneur is Grade 11 college preparation course material created by teachers for teachers. It focuses on ways in which entrepreneurs recognize opportunities, generate ideas, and organize resources to plan successful ventures that enable them to achieve their goals. The document is divided into 4 strands:

  • Enterprising People and Entrepreneurs – In this section, students will develop a profile of an enterprising person; analyze the personal benefits of being an enterprising person; and distinguish between an entrepreneur and an enterprising person.
  • Ideas & Opportunities for New Ventures – This section addresses questions of copyrights and intellectual property rights; looks into the different aspects of making a film, from funding to marketing; looks into the world of auctions, art shows, fairs, festivals, and street art; and looks into political, economic, social and technological trends in music.
  • Benefits of a Venture Plan – This section documents your planning process; clearly states your business goals; provides a roadmap to describe the path you will follow to achieve these goals; and explains why it's important and what should be included in your venture plan.
  • Completing a Venture Plan – This section looks at the difference between for-profit, not-for-profit and charitable organizations; the different types of ownership; organizing your production (rehearsals, costs, costumes and props, marketing); and looks at pricing, advertising and promotion.

The course resource includes several activities for students to really engage with as well as real life success stories.

See the table of contents for a look at all that the course has to offer.

Table of Contents

Table des matières

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Artist as Entrepreneur Resource Guide

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