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The publishing industry is in a state of flux as it responds to the challenges and opportunities of new technologies and globalization. In an information age and a knowledge economy, the art of writing is more in demand than ever. Meanwhile book and magazine publishers are racing to keep up with the new methods of publishing and distribution in electronic format.

As the publishing industry evolves, publishers will need new skills and knowledge. Small, medium and large publishing companies will have to find their place beside a growing number of self-publishers.

This site has resources to help publishers improve their skills and recruit and mentor new talent.

The CHRC has developed tools to support the Book Publishing industry, including a competency chart and profile for Book Publishers and a Book Publishers training gaps analysis.

For Magazine Publishers, CHRC has developed four online resources to address the challenges of digitization in the editorial, production, advertising and circulation functions of the industry. In collaboration with Magazine Publishers and professional organizations from across Canada, CHRC has also developed a competency chart and profile for Magazine Publishing and a Magazine Publishing training gaps analysis.

This site is for those working in Publishing and with Publishers. If you're interested in learning more about how to become a Publisher and ways into the industry look at our Words on the Move site.