Writing and Publishing

> Introduction

The Cultural Human Resources Council is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening Canada's cultural workforce and improving the HR environment within the cultural sector. One of CHRC's goals is to strengthen the book publishing industry by addressing the HR needs of Book Publishers and book publishing companies.

Experienced Book Publishers from around the country with a wealth of experience and knowledge developed a competency chart and profile for Book Publishers.

The Cultural Human Resources Council strives to be at the centre of vision and forward thinking in the areas of cultural human resources development. We hope that these online resources will help you to achieve your professional vision, by providing a map of the skills and training you need to find success in the book publishing industry.

These tools can be used to:

  • address gaps in formal education and training that exist in the book publishing ind ustry
  • increase understanding of the broad roles that Book Publishers play within cultural, educational and economic sectors
  • provide a reliable self-assessment tool for Book Publishers, educators, organizations and government to use for their own specific needs

This online resource is designed to help you achieve your professional vision, by providing a map of the training needed to find success in your chosen field.

Fine Print

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