Compensation Practices in Not-for-profit Arts Organisations


Compensation Study for Cultural Not-for-profit Managerial and Administrative Positions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the survey about and why does it matter?
The National Compensation Study examines the current compensation and working conditions in Management and Administrative positions within the arts sector. The study collects data on base salary, short-term incentive pay, employee benefits and perquisites, as well as a number of other topics, including various key human resources challenges.

With compensation being one of the most critical elements of an organization's ability to attract and retain a talented workforce, this study will allow for a comprehensive view of the current trends as well as a comparison of changes in the market. This will be the third iteration of the study. You can access the two previous studies online at

Who is leading this study?
The 2017 National Compensation Study is being funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Canada Council for the Arts and is being conducted by the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) and Mercer.

Who should respond to this survey?
The survey is open to Canadian arts organizations within the not-for-profit sector that have management and administrative positions.

I’ve already completed this survey. Why am I being asked to do it again?
Our apologies if you have already received it. Our outreach extends through multiple channels including an external Advisory Committee comprised of national and regional arts organizations.

What are the running dates of this survey?
The survey will be launched on October 30, 2017 and will run for one month, closing on November 30, 2017.

How will I access the survey results?
A survey report will be available on the Canada Council’s website in early 2018.

How much time will this survey take?
The survey will take up to 60 minutes to complete.

How can I access the survey?
You can download the survey through the CHRC website:

Can I save the survey if I am interrupted?
The survey is in an excel document and can be saved on your computer at any point. Once your survey is complete, you will email it back to

I submit my organization’s data to the Canada Council via CADAC (Canadian Arts Data / Données sur les arts au Canada), do I need to provide more data?
Yes, the data entered in CADAC is high level whereas the Compensation Study collects more detailed, granular data.

Are museums included in this survey?
This survey collects information on not-for-profit arts organizations and includes art museums that collect and present ongoing public programming in contemporary visual or digital arts, or architecture. It does not include history or science museums that do not maintain a public collection of contemporary works of art.

My organization is involved with more than one discipline. Which one should I select?
While we understand that many organizations today create work in multiple artistic disciplines, please pick the discipline that refers to your primary community.

Can I share the survey with other organizations in my personal network?
Yes, we would encourage you to share the survey with other organizations. Please feel free to forward the survey document!

I would like to share the survey in my social media networks. Do you have text I can use?
We are hoping to have a high rate of return on the survey and are grateful for your interest in spreading the word about it to your networks. Every blog post, newsletter mention, and tweet helps! To help you do so, we’ve created a number of digital assets that you can use. For more information contact Lucie D’Aoust:

Who can I contact if I have any additional questions about this survey?
Please send your questions, comments or feedback to