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Compensation Survey in full swing

“Je suis très heureux de cette mise à jour car j’utilise régulièrement cette étude pour des fins de comparaison salariale et des avantages sociaux.”

“Well done for getting this important initiative updated. I do hope that cultural managers will take the time to provide the data requested.”

The National Compensation Survey for Managerial and Administrative Personnel in Not-for-profit Arts Organizations, announced in our last newsletter, is now well underway. CHRC, with Mercer Canada, is undertaking the third iteration of this survey (previously published in 2003 and 2008) with funding from the Canada Council and DCH. Over 6000 arts managers and administrators have received the questionnaire – if it hasn’t yet crossed your desk, it is available on our website at We urge you to take the time to respond and return to Mercer. And please spread it widely in your communities and to your colleagues.

It is detailed – but that is its strength. Working with benchmark positions that organizations can identify with in some degree (using a sliding scale), it will be possible to make comparisons on compensation - including salaries and benefits - across the country, across the sector and with results from a decade ago.

We know that arts managers and administrators, as well as their Boards of Directors/employers, are keenly interested in the results of the survey and the analysis. Several have asked, in fact, if it will be possible to drill down into a specific sub sector or region…..

The answer to that is that the more responses we get the deeper the analysis can be, because the sine qua non of a survey like this is that the data must remain confidential. And unless there are enough respondents to ensure anonymity in the amalgamation process, some of the analysis cannot be made.

So please take the time to complete the questionnaire. Check out the FAQ on the website for more information.

The results of Compensation Survey 2017 will be available in early 2018.

Cohort 1 of Talent to Lead (T2L) completes its programme

“Being a mentor allows me to review and recommit to
my own practices.”

“I'm feeling that my mentee is getting a lot out of the relationship and that where she is in her career I'm really able to help her. She also gives great feedback in sharing the kinds of things that have been working for her. I like that she is clear about what she needs and wants to ask and that we have the flexibility to work in the way that best works for her.”

“I believe that the match is good because I have lived many of the same issues that she deals with in running a [an arts organization] in a somewhat isolated location. … I believe that my mentee really wants someone who shares the same experiences (isolation, resource challenges) to commiserate with and discuss common concerns..”

Our Talent to Lead Cohort 1 has “graduated”. These bright and talented mid-career managers are now moving forward on their career paths in the sector with a leader’s grasp of HR issues under their belts; with a mentorship experience to inspire them and build on; with a network of peers to grow with; and in every case, with a strong desire to mentor others,

A snapshot of the feedback from Cohort 1 reveals:

  • 90% of participants indicate that the mentor match is excellent – the highlight of the program.
  • 100% would like to be mentors for emerging leaders in future
  • 100% feel they can continue to call on their mentor past the T2L program end date

Cohort 2, with an English and a French stream, is closing in on their last 2 months with webinars on the key HR issues of Working with Non-profit Boards and Succession. The creators and deliverers of our English webinars are the HR professionals at Williams HR; and of our French webinars are the professors and staff at HEC Montréal.

The T2L programme, funded generously by the Strategic Initiatives Programme at DCH and the Metcalf Foundation, ends in February 2018.

On Building Careers in Heritage (BCH)

In our last newsletter we were delighted to announce an increase in funding for our Building Careers in Heritage programme for this year – we were able to add 7 additional internships to the roster.

We are very pleased now to say that this additional funding has been confirmed for 2018/2019 as well. A call for applications for internship support for 2018/2019 will go out in December with a February 15 deadline.

The beauty of this programme for CHRC, which has been administering it for some 20 years, is that we get to see our wonderful interns in management and leadership positions in the sector, gratefully offering internship positions to their protégés – the cultural leaders of tomorrow.

Here is an example of that full circle from a departing manager at a major cultural organization:

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you, to CHRC for being a tremendous supporter of XXXX over the years. As you may know,
I got my start in the cultural sector as a YCW intern at XXXX just over 3 years ago. Since then, I've had the pleasure of developing and supervising similar internships for three young people thanks to financial support from CHRC. Two of these past interns now hold full time positions with XXXX, which demonstrates the success of programmes like yours to provide meaningful opportunities for youth to enter a career in the cultural sector.” adds a line

The BC Alliance for Arts and Culture is encouraging job boards in the sector to include Hourly Wage, Salary or Salary Range as a required item in job ads, in the interests of both employers and job seekers.

“As of December 1, 2017, we will not post jobs that do not include specifics about remuneration. At the BC Alliance, we believe that the practice of omitting the salary (or salary range) in job postings is an unfair practice that is unhelpful to both employers and potential employees. We hope you agree that this is an important issue facing our sector that needs to be addressed. We are taking the lead and requiring that all posts submitted to the Job Postings board contain an hourly wage, salary, or salary range.”

At its quarterly meeting CHRC’s Board decided to include a line (optional) on ”Hourly Wage, Salary or Salary Range” in its job postings.

A Spotlight on Arts Management

“But, what exactly is an arts manager? What do you do for a living?”

Here is an interesting blog and website for arts managers who might also get these questions from time to time! It is edited by Laura Adlers, a graduate of the Master of Management in International Arts Management (MMIAM) program, offered at HEC Montréal.

Arts in the Canadian Fabric

Art in the lives of Canadians goes well beyond galleries and performing arts centres. It is embedded in the Canadian fabric and can be a powerful instrument for social change.

Ottawa has recently been the venue for 2 important conferences that speak to this vitality of the arts in the fabric of Canadian life.

The Canadian Network for Arts and Learning (CNAL) - based on the shared belief that arts and learning, formally, informally and non-formally “enrich, empower and sustain the lives of individuals and communities” - held “Celebrating Canadian Diversity”, a gathering for artists and educators from across the country. See

In early November the International Centre for Art for Social Change (ICASC) held ”The Art of Changing the World”, a gathering of artists, researchers, and activists from many sectors who are working for progressive change. See

Looking for a job? Looking for talent?

Current Job Postings

Title Organisation City, Province
Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts Ottawa, Ontario
Directeur général / directrice générale, Communications et Affaires publiques National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts Ottawa, Ontario
President and CEO of the National Arts Centre National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts Ottawa, Ontario
Production Manager Kelowna Actors Studio Kelowna, British Columbia
Experienced Violin Maker The Sound Post Toronto, Ontario

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Featured Organisation Plus Member

On Screen Manitoba

On Screen Manitoba is a vibrant non-profit, member-driven association that leads, builds and represents Manitoba’s media production industry.

Susan Annis, Executive Director
Extension 22 -

Annalee Adair, Project Manager Talent to Lead

Erma Barnett, Finance Officer

Lucie M. D'Aoust, Sr. Project Manager
Extension 21 -

Michael Lechasseur, Webmaster

A list of Board members can be found on CHRC's web site.


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