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Annual General Meeting 2016

“Thank you for plowing on!” Those were the words of a CHRC member at our 22nd Annual General Meeting in Toronto in late June.

We were all grateful for the solid foundation that CHRC has been built on:

  • in terms of finances that have enabled it to weather the economic belt tightening it has gone through;
  • in terms of the solid products and services it has created and provided to the sector over 2 decades; and
  • in terms of the supportive membership that continues to share its vision and purpose.

Here is a list of the 2016/2017 Board:

Richard Hornsby (Chair)
Elizabeth Edwards (Visual Arts and Crafts)
Kathleen DeLong (Heritage)
Kevin Hanson (Writing and Publishing)
Ian Kelso (Digital Media)
Parise Mongrain (Live Performing Arts)
Liz Shorten (Film and Television)
Victoria Steele (Treasurer – appointment)
Larry Wanagas (Music and Sound Recording)

Talent to Lead (T2L): a Call for Applications coming soon

In our last e-newsletter we announced that our major project to help mid-career managers move into senior positions in the sector, “Preparing for Succession”, got the green light and was ready to roll. We have hit the ground running, as we said we would.

We were pleased to get reaction to our newsletter announcement of the project funding from mid-career managers eager for the opportunity to work with senior leaders in the sector. Sensing their readiness to go up the next rung of their career ladders, and understanding how this project can help them do that, we moved from the working title (“Preparing for Succession”) to Talent to Lead (T2L) which more fully captures the dynamic nature of our undertaking.

The timeliness of Talent to Lead was underscored in recent comments by Janice Price, CEO of the Banff Centre, which is establishing a new leadership training for executive-level arts and cultural administrators. She “spoke of an absence of programs to build skills – and confidence – for Canadian mid- to senior-level cultural leaders so they can “step up and take on these big jobs across the country.” (Globe and Mail, June 23, 2016)

Project Manager Annalee Adair and CHRC staff worked hard to line up the ducks in the first few weeks, in preparation for the first Steering Committee (SC) meeting in June:

  • a project charter was written to fully outline the various aspects of our undertaking – from the updating of the HR Management Toolkit, to the creation of webinars, to the building of a dedicated T2L website, to the collection of mentorship and management resources for T2L participants and the broader sector, to the matching of mentors and mentees in successful mentorship teams.
  • a two stage online application process was designed to field applications for participation in the project from across the country and across the sector.
  • the structure for a T2L website was developed.

The SC members took the reins in hand and are fully engaged. A more qualified and committed group of cultural leaders you would be hard-pressed to find!

On the advice of the SC and the CHRC Board at their meeting the day before, we will take the next few weeks to perfect the T2L branding and on-line application process, then issue a Call for Applications in late July. This will be in English only. The deadline for applications will be September 30 so there will be plenty of time to garner interest among the sector’s excellent mid-level leaders to become a T2L participant.

The next call for applications will be in English and in French in January 2017. We will begin to gather this second cohort as soon as the first cohort gets under way.

HR Management Toolkit updates

An updating of the “tools” in CHRC’s HR Management Toolkit is an integral part of Talent to Lead. Cultural sector managers will have the new Toolkit at their fingertips in the fall. The revision process is being undertaken by some of Canada’s most experienced cultural managers, including consultant Sibyl Frei who is penning the updates, and the members of CRHC’s Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee [LINK] who are advising her on the revisions. They are fully engaged – each signing off on specific tools that they have expertise in, and generally reviewing all the others.

In addition to the updating, a new chapter on “Succession” is being written. CHRC has entered into a contract with Compétence culture (our sister organization in Quebec) to develop this new material.

The result will be 12 tools and an “Overview” with CHRC’s foundational Competency Chart for Cultural Managers:

1. Recruiting the Right People
2. Job Descriptions
3. Coaching and Mentoring
4. Succession Planning
5. Dealing with Challenge and Conflict
6. Managing Employee Performance
7. Termination of Employment
8. Benefits and Retirement Plans
9. Best Practices in the Cultural Sector
10. Using Competency Charts and Profiles
11. Contracting with Independent Contractors
12. Working with a Non-Profit Board

The tools will also serve as the basis for 10 monthly webinars to be created for the Talent to Lead participants. These will be available to the broader sector as well, as enhancements to the HR Management Toolkit.

Culture Plus in New Brunswick

Culture Plus NB logoThe newest member of CHRC’s Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee (PATAC) is Culture Plus in New Brunswick. Culture Plus was created by a large consortium of arts organizations in the province that worked long and hard (over 10 years!) to bring it to fruition – with important help and support along the way from Compétence culture, their sister organization in Quebec.

Culture Plus (Cultural Human Resources Council of New Brunswick) is a not-for-profit, bilingual organization committed to ensuring the vitality of New Brunswick’s cultural sector workforce through life-long career development and training.

First and foremost a service organization, Culture Plus is designed to support stakeholders in all the cultural sector, including heritage and libraries, live performance, visual and applied arts, written and published works, audio-visual and interactive media, and sound recording.

Culture Plus partners with public, private and not-for-profit organizations as well as with training institutions to facilitate professional development and skills acquisition for workers in the cultural sector. The organization also leverages tools and expertise acquired in other provinces.

Their recently hired first Executive Director, Deborah Donnelly, comes with a wide variety of work experience inside and outside of the cultural sector, and in the private sector within public service. Her sectoral experience includes work in archeology in Canada and around the world.

Welcome Culture Plus!

Building the school/work bridge

With a lot of focus on mid-career and senior managers in the T2L project, here is an update on CHRC’s initiatives to build the school to work bridge so necessary to emerging cultural workers!

CHRC members are familiar with DCH Building Careers in Heritage internship program that we have been running for years – this year supporting internships in 24 arts organizations across the sector and across the country. This year we are also engaged in managing, on behalf of ESDC, a work experience (WE) program that has a few different twists from the internship program. 10 employers will receive contributions of approximately $18K towards the salaries of young first time employees over 42 weeks. The work experience is intended to lead to full employment. These programmes are critical to the recruitment of strong committed cultural workers with a career in the sector.

Creative Entrepreneurship at Artscape Launchpad

Check out where registrations are now open for creative entrepreneurship programs from Artscape.

Looking for a job? Looking for talent?

Current Job Postings

Title Organisation City, Province
Supervisor, Cultural Development & Programming The Corporation of the City of Oshawa Oshawa, Ontario
GENERAL MANAGER Ottawa Symphony Orchestra Ottawa, Ontario
Adjointe/Adjoint bilingue de soutien aux subventions Ontario Arts Council Toronto, Ontario
Bilingual Granting Support Assistant Ontario Arts Council Toronto, Ontario
Box Office Supervisor The Burlington Performing Arts Centre Burlington, Ontario
Marketing & Public Relations Manager The Burlington Performing Arts Centre Burlington, Ontario
Donor Relations Manager Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Calgary, Alberta
Director of Development Canada's National Ballet Toronto, Ontario
Executive Director - Dalhousie Arts Centre’s Rebecca Cohen Auditorium Genovese, Vanderhoof & Associates Halifax, Nova Scotia
Violin Maker The Sound Post Toronto, Ontario

CHRC members receive a 25% discount on job postings!

Don't forget... CHRC's team at your service!

Featured Organisation Plus Member

BC Producers' Branch of the CMPA

The BC Producers' Branch of the CMPA is a non-profit trade organization that works on behalf of over 75 British Columbia companies engaged in the production and distribution of television, feature film, and digital media content.

Susan Annis, Executive Director
Extension 22 -

Annalee Adair, Project Manager Talent to Lead

Erma Barnett, Finance Officer

Lucie M. D'Aoust, Sr. Project Manager
Extension 21 -

Michael Lechasseur, Webmaster

A list of Board members can be found on CHRC's web site.


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