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Moving to a new address

CHRC opens the New Year at a new address, as a member of 25One Community: "a co-working space for progressive organizations and individuals who share space, resources and values". Our neighbours include arts organizations such as the Directors Guild of Canada and Octopus Books. It's a convenient and comfortable place to be from every point of view – and our phone and fax (and of course emails) are the same. Only the address changes:

Cultural Human Resources Council
251 Bank St., 2nd floor
Ottawa, ON  K2P 1X3

The Art of Managing Your Career for Aboriginal Artists

It's been a long time in the incubation stage, but the project is finally up and running: CHRC is developing an aboriginal version of The Art of Managing Your Career (TAMYC) and its discipline enhancements.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Counselling Foundation of Canada for their generous contribution which has kic started the project.

We are grateful too for the support we are finding among provincial and territorial governments and aboriginal organizations.

Like typical CHRC projects, this one will be overseen by a national Steering Committee (SC) of practising professionals, convened by CHRC. We are proud to have such a pre-eminent group of senior influential aboriginal artists from First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities to lead us.

Current SC members include:

+ Carol Greyeyes (Chair and CHRC Board member) – has directed and taught in theatres all over Canada and the USA and has acted in film, television, radio and on the stage – based in Saskatoon.

+ Liz Barron – among other claims to fame, Project Manager for Métis 10, the VANOC (Olympics) Aboriginal exhibition – based in Winnipeg.

+ Denise Bolduc - accomplished multi-disciplinary creative director, producer, programmer and arts consultant – based in Toronto.

+ André Dudemaine - founder and director of Land InSights, a society for the diffusion of Aboriginal culture, he has been running Présence autochtone (Montréal's First Peoples Festival) for 22 years - based in Montreal.

+ Carol Geddes – nationally and internationally acclaimed filmmaker – based in the Yukon.

+ Margo Kane – aboriginal storyteller, dancer, singer, animator, video and installation artist, director, producer, writer, and teacher – based in Vancouver.

+ Barb Nepinak – founder of the Summer Bear Dance Troupe, a First Nations performing arts group awarded the first Aboriginal Tourism Award of Manitoba – based in Winnipeg.

+ Matthew Nuqingaq – drum dancer and renowned jeweller whose work is known and purchased internationally – based in Pond Inlet.

+ Shane Perley-Dutcher – widely recognized silversmith and member of the Metal Arts Guild of Canada – based in Fredericton.

+ Sandy Scofield – a multi-award winning musician and singer, who has composed for dance, film, television and theatre – based in Vancouver.

+ Greg Younging – an authority on indigenous literature and the publisher of Theytus Books in BC – based in Kelowna.

The fact that we have been able to rally these extraordinary leaders speaks to the importance they attach to the next generation of aboriginal artists – the young talent assuming their mantels and carrying forward the voices and stories of their peoples.

Unlike typical CHRC projects where a written document such as a report, competency chart or web site is produced, this project will result in a workshop and resources, and trained trainers to deliver the workshop. This unique approach has been tailored to best fit the needs of emerging aboriginal artists across Canada and their learning styles.

CHRC has engaged aboriginal writer/trainer and artist, France Trépanier, to undertake specific research into the nature of the tool that needs to be created and the specific content it must provide; to develop a TAMYC workshop with resources, with a strong emphasis on story, visuals, and hands on exercises; and to train aboriginal trainers to deliver the TAMYC workshop. France brings great knowledge, experience, skills and wisdom to this work:

CHRC will also engage aboriginal writers – practising artists successful in their discipline - to revise the TAMYC discipline enhancements to reflect today's aboriginal experience and reality.

It's an exciting project that bears all CHRC's hallmarks as a trusted and influential convenor: responding to a need identified by the cultural sector; led by the sector for the sector; and using practising professionals – experienced professional artists – to develop, test and disseminate our products.

Interns shine!

We closed out 2014 with monitoring visits to two YIP employers: the Yukon Art Gallery and the Crafts Council of British Columbia. It's worth opening the new year with the success stories these employers and interns have to tell…

Yukon Art Gallery

Yukon Art Gallery

The sunrise over the Yukon Arts Centre (home of the Yukon Public Art Gallery) was stunning (see photo), and the internship in the Gallery was equally bright and inspiring. The Gallery Arts Administration Intern is responsible for "developing visual art exhibitions, managing art programs, and working in collection and arts administration". This includes promoting and administering the Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency selection process. Intern Anne Deck was especially grateful for the bridge this internship gave her to the professional world where she will make her career. Mentor Mary Bradshaw (Gallery Director) acknowledged the skilled, willing and energetic new member of their small team who is bringing "enthusiasm, dedication, insight and fresh eyes and ideas" to their work.The Yukon Art Gallery has had 10 interns pass through the Gallery over the years, on CHRC's YIP programme: "dollar for dollar, the most valuable contributions we receive". The alumni find themselves both in the gallery and across the country. A successful incubator for Canadian gallery professionals….

The Earring Show

Craft Council of British Columbia (CCBC)

Finding my way by quiet efficient water taxi to the buzzing energy of Granville Island is always a pleasure. The back door upstairs office (with dog) was a comfortable setting for my early morning monitoring meeting with Raine MacKay (Executive Director of the CCBC) and intern Julie Larsen. It was clear from the to and fro of the conversation that Julie was fully integrated as a staff member, and making a valuable contribution. (Witness the intriguing Earring Show downstairs in the Gallery, curated by Julie). The internship is a win/win for the Council and the intern. Raine spoke about her challenge and success as a mentor to "not just get the work done, but make a team", when a new intern comes in. Julie's advice to other interns: "don't be afraid to try different things and express your own ideas". That's good for the intern – and it's good for the employer!

Digital Media on the curriculum - just got a boost in Nova Scotia!

The Nova Scotia Department of Education is using CHRC's High School Teacher's Guide on Digital Media as a resource in its high school curriculum. They are taking up the challenge of integrating the teaching of creative writing, computer science and visual arts in the way Digital Media integrates these disciplines naturally in the real world.

CHRC's High School Teacher's Guide on Digital Media has been created to assist high school teachers in preparing students for a career in the Digital Media industry or for employment in those sectors that integrate Digital Media elements within their infrastructure.

The Guide is based on CHRC's Digital Media Team Competency Chart which describes what Digital Media workers will need to be able to do to work in this innovative sector, as team players. The Guide's content is directed to grade 12 students in visual arts, writing/language arts and computer sciences. Students in these three streams will be exposed to the full range of expertise required for employment on a Digital Media team.

The Guide, developed by and for educators in close consultation with industry experts, contains a series of lesson plans for a three-week mini-course, which could easily be integrated into existing curriculum. The lesson plans will correspond to CHRC's Digital Media Team Competency Chart. Lesson-specific learning objectives are identified for each lesson. Teaching resources are also available in the Guide's Appendices.

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