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CHRC is 20 years old!

The first membership brochure looked like this.

In fall 1994, 20 years ago, CHRC's Letter Patent were signed.

The National Sectoral Council for Culture became the Cultural Human Resources Council – the seventh sector council to be recognized under HRDC's Sector Council Programme.

Members of the first Board of Directors included well-known leaders in the cultural sector; Michel Laurence, Robert Sirman, Peter Weinrich, Peter Feldman – early pioneers in and strong advocates for good human resource management and quality training in the cultural sector.

Its reach was, from the beginning, throughout the cultural sector and across the country. Its operations and publications always in English and in French.

One of the first projects of the new Council was the administration of the Training Initiative Programme (TIP) – a foreshadow of Career Focus. Among early TIP recipients were the Association of Canadian Orchestras (aka Orchestras Canada), ACTRA, Regroupement des centres d'artistes autogérés du Québec etc.

CHRC has remained true to its vision and objectives, adapting nimbly, wisely and with savvy to the shifting cultural, political and economic landscapes over 2 decades – training, self-employment challenges and HR management have been its priorities and continue to be today.

Staff has done some digging and compiled a list of "CHRC Milestones" which may be interesting to many of our members who have travelled this journey with us.

As we continue to be active in the present and look to the future, we are grateful for the progress we have made together since 1994!

Cultural Satellite Account – release of first report – new data on the economic importance and activity of culture in Canada

The first report of the Canadian Culture Satellite Account (CSA) was released on September 10, 2014. It is the result of a methodologically rigorous and transparent approach to measuring the economic importance and activity of culture in Canada.

Understanding the economic contribution of culture, arts, heritage and sports activity will help demonstrate the value and importance of these sectors in Canada's economy. The partnership behind the CSA includes Statistics Canada, the Department of Canadian Heritage, all of the provinces and territories, numerous municipalities and several non-governmental organizations including CHRC.

September Focus on Back to School

The Art of Managing Your Career (TAMYC)

Student packages…

Across the cultural sector CHRC continues to hear from emerging artists of the need for basic business skills.

That is why we created The Art of Managing Your Career (TAMYC) over 10 years ago, written by and for professional artists from across the sector. And, in response to its popularity and the need for more discipline specific advice, why we have added the discipline enhancements; and most recently, 5 E-learning courses based on each of the AMYC's 5 chapters.

These will be of value to students who, on graduation, will be facing the realities of self-employment. Full of talent, artistic skill and passion for their work – they also need to know about the business side of their careers as they seek to earn a living from their art.

In order to encourage teaching of business skills for the self-employed, CHRC is reaching out to post-secondary departments of education in colleges and universities across the country, to incorporate the TAMYC guide, discipline enhancements and e-learning modules in their classes.

We are offering a special deal to students in the arts, including dancers, musicians, filmmakers, digital media content creators, visual artists, craftspeople, writers and actors.

And for emerging artists…

We are also reaching out to unions, guilds and professional organizations to let their young members know about these invaluable and affordable tools that can make the difference between success and disappointment in a career as a self-employed artist.

For High Schools

Our other target markets this fall are high school and CEGEP teachers and guidance counsellors. CHRC has created several products for students heading towards a professional career in the arts. These include:

  • Teacher's Guide for The Art of Managing Your Career, aimed specifically at high school teachers.

  • Artist as Entrepreneur CD – a grade 11 Ontario-developed curriculum resource adapted from The Art of Managing Your Career – another way to access the valuable material contained in The Art of Managing Your Career.

  • Careers in Culture – introduces students to the lingo, networks, job opportunities, education paths, and career potential in the different cultural industries or sub sectors. 8 mini sites, 6 books and a teacher's guide. (see below Careers in Culture)

  • Towards a Career in Digital Media – a high school teacher's guide and resource material developed by Manitoba teachers and professionals in the DM industry.

Careers in Culture still our most popular content!

A reminder to teachers, students and emerging artists and cultural workers of our 8 mini sites on careers in the cultural sector: in cultural management, digital media, film and broadcasting, heritage, live performing arts, music and sound recording, visual arts and crafts, and writing and publishing.

An invaluable tool for teachers is the Lights Up! teacher's activity guide that comes with the package.

"It's just been fantastic": a Young Canada Works success story!

"Catherine is such a gem we are really happy with her performance. Thank you so much for supporting this opportunity!..." from Word on the Street Toronto.

"We had the chance to create a new position as a result of the Young Canada Works (YCW) program, which encompasses a number of different tasks focused on customer service within the festival and non-profit arts and cultural industry. Catherine has performed amazingly well in the position. She brought us a lot of skills and knowledge acquired in the publishing industry, through part-time internships. The YCW program has given her the chance to gain a full-time internship, and real hands-on arts events experience. Because of the length of the internship, she will be able to see The Word On The Street festival from start to finish.

The responsibilities she has taken on have also allowed for our previous Exhibitor Coordinator to take a mentorship role in training Catherine…..We could not have created this solid internship without the support of the YCW internship funding."

Saying good bye and thanks to Ellen!

CHRC owes a huge debt of gratitude to some very special people, but few can equal Ellen Busby in terms of the time, energy, thought, inspiration, commitment and dedication she has given to CHRC as a volunteer almost since its inception. Her corporate knowledge is deep and broad. Her eagle eye and financial expertise have guided the council through many "treasurer's reports" and audited statements. Her innate insight and wisdom have kept a lid on discussions that threatened to fly out of control, and challenged wrong assumptions and mistakes that might have gone unnoticed.

All those who have worked with Ellen will know what we mean. Those who haven't will wish they had!

We have been so fortunate to have her for all this time – her new position at Canada Council makes it impossible for her to continue as our treasurer.

We will miss her – but she won't be far.

And welcome to Victoria!

And we are so very grateful to have the seasoned expertise of Victoria Steele to fill Ellen's shoes as CHRC's new treasurer. Also known across the country - for her work at the NAC and on several performing arts Boards, as a dedicated worker for PAL Ottawa and most recently as the new Executive Director of the dynamic Arts Ottawa East arts council - we are most fortunate to have found one of the few people who could indeed bridge the gap left with Ellen's departure. Board and Staff welcome Victoria to our CHRC family.

Looking for a job? Looking for talent?

Current Job Postings

Title Organisation City, Province
Media Arts Manager Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre Sackville, New Brunswick
Director Contemporary Calgary Calgary, Alberta
Assistant or Associate Professor Conrad Grebel UWaterloo Waterloo, Ontario
Director of Communications and Marketing National Theatre School of Canada / École nationale de théâtre Montréal, Quebec
Directeur/trice des communications et du marketing National Theatre School of Canada / École nationale de théâtre Montréal, Quebec
Coordination GÉNÉRALE Constantinople. Montréal, Quebec
Prospect and Research Associate Vancouver Art Gallery Vancouver, British Columbia
Executive Director Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre St Andrews, New Brunswick

CHRC members receive a 25% discount on job postings!

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