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March 2013

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Beginning of a New Chapter

CHRC LogoWe are closing the page on a big chapter in CHRC's story - 17 years as a sector council supported by HRSDC's Sector Council Program (SCP).

Through the SCP, the government has seeded sector councils in several areas of the economy. Ours is a bright light in their constellation. The cultural sector has benefited in many ways from CHRC's leadership and a wide range of project funding from HRSDC since its inception in 1995. It's been a long and good chapter!

And a new chapter is about to begin.

Building on a strong base of membership, community recognition and support, cultural networks, a wide range of experience and expertise, and an array of learning and training products – we move forward as the Cultural HR Council to continue our work with and for cultural workers and employers.

The transition away from HRSDC operation support will be fairly seamless (apart from a new address – see below). The fact that we are working with different revenue models won't strike most of you. The shift will be subtle. It's when you come to us with a project in mind that you will find we are more into partnering, collaborating and seeking funding together, rather than into speaking to HRSDC on your behalf for funding support. It is also when you want to work with CHRC on projects in areas that have not traditionally been government priorities that you will realize the Council is expanding not constricting its reach.

CHRC's story continues....

A cross-country tour

The transition will be marked with a series of meetings with members, educators and the broader cultural sector across the country.

  • March 7 – Halifax
  • March 8 – St. John's
  • March 11 – Montreal
  • March 13 – Winnipeg
  • March 14 – Toronto
  • March 19 – Regina
  • March 20 – Vancouver
  • March 21 – Edmonton

In relaxed settings over breakfast or lunch, we will review where we've been and look forward together to where we are going. We are co-hosting most of the meetings with our PATAC partners who are helping to identify good venues, good food, and a wider invitation list.

Follow our progress as we travel and blog across the country!

March Meetings

March will also be busy with other meetings as CHRC solidifies its sector connections and signals its future directions.

  • March 4 – the Digital Media Steering Committee, including representatives of provincial DM industry associations, meets for the third time this year to guide the final release of the suite of Interactive Digital Media products that we've been working on with industry for the past 12 months.

  • March 18 – CHRC's Live Performing Arts Caucus meets to pursue discussions that started to bubble up at the HR Forum, for example around the importance of mentorship in the sector.

  • March 25 – PATAC partners meet in Ottawa as they have every year since 2005, to share experiences, challenges and successes, develop collaborations, exchange information, and support CHRC's grass roots connections across the country.

  • March 27 – CHRC's Board and Advisory Committee meet to guide the Council through the transition and into its bright future. One of CHRC's greatest strengths is the commitment of the cultural leaders who comprise these 2 governing bodies.

Moving Day

151 Slater

And then there will be Moving Day! On March 28, staff will roll up their sleeves, unplug the computers and disconnect the phones – we go silent – and transport them to our new offices at:

151 Slater Steet, Suite 606
Ottawa, ON  K1P 5H3

We reopen for business after the Easter weekend, on April 2, 2013.

Phones and emails remain the same – it's just the address that changes.

The IDM Suite

Suite of Products for an Interactive Digital Media Team

A reminder of the suite of IDM products that have rolled out or are about to come:

  • Canada's Interactive Digital Media Industry: Where Creativity Meets Technology in the Digital Economy
  • Nordicity Digital Media LMI research and analysis – to be included in CIAIC's soon to be released Canadian Interactive Industry Profile 2013
  • IDM Team Competency Chart – in interactive and printable formats
  • IDM Team Competency Profile – March release
  • Training Gaps Analysis for Digital Media Teams – March release
  • Competency to Curriculum to Training - a guide for educators and trainers – April release
  • Interzone (Careers in Culture) – March release
  • A High School Teacher's Guide on Digital Media – coming in April
  • Starting a Digital Media Business – coming in April

Building Careers in Heritage 2013/2014 and....

YIPWe are delighted to announce that the Department of Canadian Heritage has renewed its commitment to Building Careers in Heritage, the popular internship program that CHRC has administered over many years. A call for proposals will go out soon.

Very unfortunately, CHRC's Career Focus proposal has not been approved.

Flat-lined but Still Alive: Provincial and Territorial Budgets Analysis from the cultural perspective

In its closing days before going into hibernation, the Canadian Conference of the Arts (CCA) was pulling together a provincial and territorial budget analysis (among its most important services to the sector!). Working in collaboration with the Centre of Governance at the University of Ottawa, the CCA engaged writers in each province and territory to analyse their respective provincial/territorial budgets for arts and culture. This document is now available. You will find the English version of the Analysis of the Provincial and Territorial 2012-13 Budgets here or here; for the French, go here or here. You can help shape the future of this publication by taking five minutes to answer the market survey you will find here.

An Indian connection

MESCIt seems our reputation is more far reaching than we thought! CHRC has been engaged by a consulting firm in India to assist them with undertaking occupational analyses and training gaps analyses for MESC - their Media and Entertainment Skills Council.

CHRC HR Toolkit in ePub Format


CHRC's popular HR Tools are now available in ePub format for your eReader, tablet or smartphone.

Membership Renewals!

We have been receiving membership renewals steadily over the past few weeks. If you haven't done so yet, please take the time to renew and remain a part of the active and connected CHRC "family".

Renew online!

Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal (CAPPRT) Closes its Doors

The Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal (CAPPRT) has been a strong supporter of CHRC over the years, and our organizations have collaborated on several occasions through our shared human resource mandates. CAPPRT has served Canada's cultural sector well since its inception as a distinct tribunal under the Status of the Artist Act created to recognize and protect collective bargaining by independent self-employed artists and federally regulated producers. Its duties and responsibilities are now being transferred to the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB). Below is the last message of the Acting Chairperson, Elaine Kierans explaining the transition.

Information Bulletin #13-03
Message from the Chairperson

The Status of the Artist Act (SAA) was enacted in 1992 and the Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal (CAPPRT) came into full operation in 1995. The SAA gives legal recognition and protection to collective bargaining by independent self-employed artists and federally regulated producers. The ability to bargain collectively is critical to artists and producers in the face of a continuously changing and challenging marketplace. Over the years, artists and producers have developed scale agreements in order to improve working conditions and compensation for artists, provide stable and predictable professional relations and qualified talent pools for producers, and build a strong Canadian presence in international cultural markets. For the past 18 years, we at CAPPRT have been proud to play a role in the evolution of the professional relations between artists and producers.

The Jobs, Growth and Long-Term Prosperity Act, which received Royal Assent on June 29, 2012, includes amendments to the SAA that would abolish the CAPPRT and transfer its duties and responsibilities to the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB). These amendments will take effect in early spring, at a specific date determined by Order in Council. Staff members of CAPPRT and CIRB have been working together to ensure a seamless transfer of all duties and responsibilities of the SAA and ensure that services to the communities under the SAA will continue uninterrupted.

The CIRB is an independent, representational, quasi-judicial tribunal responsible for the interpretation and administration of Part I (Industrial Relations), certain provisions of Part II (Occupational Health and Safety) of the Canada Labour Code, and soon the administration of Part II of SAA. The current Chairperson of the CIRB, Mrs. Elizabeth MacPherson, is a former Executive Director and General Counsel of CAPPRT. She has worked extensively with labout relations and has a depth of experience in Canada's cultural community.

The CIRB's mandate is to contribute to and promote a harmonious industrial relations climate in the federally regulated sector through the impartial, effective and appropriate administration of the rules of conduct that govern labour and management in their representational and bargaining activities. Its expertise and composition allow it to deal effectively with the complexities of labour relations issues of all types. The CIRB will be responsible for all regular activities under the SAA, such as granting and renewing certification orders to artists' associations and dealing with complaints of unfair labour practices.

To ease in the transfer of responsibilty for the SAA, Diane Chartrand, Executive Director and General Counsel of CAPPRT will take on the role of Deputy Executive Director and Senior Director of Policy and Planning at the CIRB in early April. For further information visit or contact Diane Chartrand directly.

As this is the last bulletin published by CAPPRT, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all currrent and former staff as well as all former members of CAPPRT for their contribution to the administration of the SAA over the years.

Elaine Kierans, Acting Chairperson

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