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A happy and prosperous New Year to our friends and colleagues
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For an Interactive Digital Media Team: an interactive competency chart and profile, training gaps analysis and teaching resources

IDM Team Competency Chart and Profile

IDM Team Competency ChartMany of you have been following CHRC's progress on this file as we developed and validated a competency chart for a full Interactive Digital Media Team. The last of the 8 validation sessions was held in Halifax in December. Our industry experts have reviewed and considered all the comments from across the country, weighed them carefully, and revised the draft chart so that in its final form it is as close as we can get to identifying the whole range of skills needed on an IDM team.

The end result is complex. In fact, given the chart's complexity and the audience it is aimed at, CHRC staff has decided to produce it as an interactive document so that users can search it according to their particular needs - whether they are technical or artistic creators, project managers, or on the business side of things, educators or employers. A PDF colour-coded version will be available, but for the first time, it will be secondary to the online version.

Those of you familiar with CHRC's modus operandi will know that a detailed "profile" always follows a competency chart. The skills identified in the chart are further developed into tasks and actions to provide a full profile of "what you must be able to do" in the given occupation (or in this case, "function".)

In the coming months, our experts will reconvene to develop the profile for an Interactive Digital Media Team. This will also be created in the first instance as an interactive document to facilitate its use.

IDM Team Training Gaps Analysis

Over the past 3 months, the consulting firm Kisquared of Winnipeg has been undertaking a Training Gaps Analysis (TGA) based on the skills identified in the IDM Team chart. Through surveys and interviews they reached IDM employers and workers, and educators and trainers across the country to (1) assess training needs and (2) identify training offerings, in relation to the competency chart. They then produced a complete TGA with findings and recommendations, which will be instructive to both educators and workers alike.

For example, they have found that "industry entrants most often choose training based on their individual interests in a specific area of digital media, rather than shaping their training expectations by understanding the prevalence of team environments and the need to broaden their skills to cover most aspects of a digital media business enterprise...."Specialists" who can only produce code will not be as useful to a small business as those who can answer the telephone, produce an invoice, manage a client, write an internal memo, and produce code." As a result, they recommend that "training institutions should reconsider their "specialist" training offerings to provide broader, more business-oriented curriculums."

The TGA also includes extensive information on training institutions and their offerings.

Coming up - other resources to prepare and support workers for IDM Teams

CHRC is also developing high school teaching resources to help prepare young people who are fired up about a career in the digital media industry. Building on the IDM Team chart, we are developing a resource that will bring teachers of computer science, literary arts and visual arts together to introduce their students to the team environment of IDM content creation.

Also in support of those emerging IDM workers, we are updating the online version of our popular Interactive Zone, the digital media booklet in our Careers in Culture series.

For professors, educators and trainers in university and college, we are preparing a Guide on how to use the competency chart in developing curriculum. The document will be much more specific than the current HR tool, Using Competency Charts and Profiles. This is being developed by Pierre Morin, the DACUM facilitator who has guided the development of all of CHRC's competency charts.

And finally, in this suite of IDM tools, we are completely updating the course resource once entitled Setting up a New Media Business in Canada. In the 4 years since it was written even the industry's name has changed! New Media? Haven't heard that in a while.... The new document will be titled "Starting up a DM Business". It will present in a practical and just-in-time format tips for and pitfalls in starting a DM business.

These products will all be released in the first quarter of 2013.

The Art of Managing Your Career online

The Art of Managing Your Career

We have mentioned in past e-newsletters the online modules of The Art of Managing Your Career that we are working on in partnership with iPal. Production has been delayed on iPal's end (chalk it up to growing pains as that company has merged with Knightsbridge in Toronto and is now managing projects around the world). However, they are committed to and excited about our joint venture. The timeline is now showing a February release. It will be broadly announced! The Art of Managing Your Career has been one of CHRC's best sellers for years. This new presentation will be especially appealing to young self-employed artists and cultural workers who are growing up with just-in-time at-your-fingertips learning resources.

As we have explained, the Conseil québécois des ressources humaines en culture (CQRHC) is developing French online courses based on L'Art de gérer sa carrière which the government of Quebec is making available to francophones across the country.

Membership Renewals!

Check your mailbox for your membership renewal notice encouraging you to remain part of CHRC's growing family! This year, for organizations, we are offering 2 new chapters to the HR Management Toolkit (which is a gift for first time organization members). Skills for Cultural Managers and Working with a Not-for-profit Board are now part of the 13 chapter binder which is a popular HR reference for cultural managers.

You can also renew online at

You will also notice slightly revamped pricing structures, aimed at providing our members with easy inexpensive access to CHRC's array of products, while recognizing their real value in the market place for non-members. We are introducing licensing possibilities for several items as people express an interest in using them in teaching situations. For example, a university professor can purchase a license for $199.99 which will allow him to provide The Art of Managing Your Career for up to 30 students in his music class for a year, as well as giving him access to the online teaching modules. An organisation can also purchase a license to provide a CHRC resource to 30 of its members for a year.

Future Projects

CHRC has several irons in the fire - project proposals at home and abroad. We will keep you posted as they firm up. There is much to look forward to in 2013!

The HR Forum - survey

Our thanks to those who responded to our survey on the HR Forum and future forums. We have taken your comments to heart - the praise, the critiques, and the suggestions. They will guide our Board's deliberations and plans for HR Forum 2013.

Survey highlights

What did participants like most?

  • Discussing HR issues, trends and needs in order to come up with solutions
  • Learning about existing partnerships between educators and workers in the cultural sector
  • Meeting and working with people with a broad range of views and expertise, and those immersed in HR in the sector.

What did they like least?

  • The time for tail-end working sessions was too short
  • The packed schedule

Among the themes for future forums:

  • Changing of the guard - from boomers to x-geners
  • How to organize within each sub-sector/discipline (connecting and collaborating)
  • HR burnout in an underfunded, overworked sector

It was suggested that we:

  • Create a LinkedIn group for CHRC members
  • Video the panels for future viewing - connecting with faculty at the various training institutions/universities
  • Have a webinar for those not able to be onsite
  • Have more social media options available

All food for thought and good ideas to build on!

CHRC HR Toolkit in ePub Format


CHRC's popular HR Tools are now available in ePub format for your eReader, tablet or smartphone.

Partnership with Music Managers Forum - A Pilot Project

CHRC and the Music Managers Forum (MMF) are piloting an interesting partnership which we hope to be able to offer soon to our Organisation members.

Music Managers Forum Canada

CHRC resources of particular interest to MMF members are now available
for purchase on MMF's website.

When the details of this partnership are worked out we will be pleased to make it available to other CHRC Organization members. This is a classic win/win: CHRC Organization members can earn revenues by offering relevant HR materials on their website; and CHRC increases the reach of the resources it has developed for the cultural sector.

We like to hear from you!

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