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Culture 3.0 goes public and the social media airwaves respond

As announced in the last e-newsletter, Culture 3.0, a study on the impact of emerging digital technologies on the cultural sector, was released in early October and has caused a buzz on Twitter and Facebook.

CHRC's Tweets about the release were shared by many Twitter users, including Young Associates, Edmonton Heritage Council and York University's Faculty of Fine Arts. On the Council Facebook page, the posts were liked and shared by several page members. The Culture 3.0 webpage has been visited by several hundred readers since the announcement on October 26. Among those visitors, dozens have already bought the report - either the digital version or the hard copy.

There is definitely a strong interest in the impact of emerging digital technologies in the cultural sector!

The full report is available online ($15 for CHRC members and $20 for non-members), and in hard copy ($30 for CHRC members and $35 for non-members). For the first time, CHRC accepts payments via PayPal.

Pilot workshops are well received

Since early spring, CHRC has been delivering pilot workshops based on course content that we have developed in conjunction with industry, on Business Skills for Film and Television Producers, Production Accounting, Rights Management in Music, and Project Management for Digital Media Producers. The response from participants has been very encouraging - and instructive. Through analysis of the workshop evaluations, we have been able to identify the most appropriate formats to use, how to shape the content, optimal timing and location, and the best target audiences. The course content documents that are developed for these workshops will be added to CHRC's suite of course content resources that are already available to training providers and educators through our web site, early in 2012.

Business Skills for Film and Television Producers

Delivered in partnership with the CMPA in Toronto in September, and in partnership with RFAVQ in Montreal in December.

Course content description:
This is a workshop designed for professionals in film and television who are seeking to develop their business into sustainable and growing enterprises. Many small to medium sized Canadian media companies have been founded by 'creative' people who through a process of growth find themselves managing a company. This workshop provides participants with an understanding of basic business concepts and skills in order to build their capacities in corporate visioning and leadership. Participants will be highly interactive, sharing and discussing sector specific case studies.


  • "This workshop had participants confronting their assumptions of themselves, their business and media trends in general to map out new ideas, strategies and possibilities. This course helped me see challenges as opportunities. I left the workshop feeling energized and excited to build on what I had learned in the workshop."

  • "The speakers were excellent. Each was very frank, informative and insightful. Concrete suggestions were provided to help guide the development and expansion of my business. Each days inspiration helped to shape the rebranding of my company to not only meet the challenges ahead for the industry but also to take the necessary steps now to later compete with leaders in our sector."

  • "The more these types of courses happen, the better for the industry. The industry is going through a period of intense turmoil. To survive, the sector is going to have to be nimble and think outside of the proverbial box. The course did that. Let's have more of them."

Production Accounting

Delivered in partnership with WIFT in Toronto in April, and in partnership with RFAVQ in Montreal in November.

Course content description:
Production Accounting explores the role and responsibilities of the production accountant and staff. Participants follow a detailed analysis of the methods and procedures used by accountants working in various sectors of the screen-based industry. Participants will acquire hard skills and analytical tools through a comprehensive review of bookkeeping and specifics for media production. The course is intended to familiarize students with the statements and processes required to operate a production company.


  • "John Gaskin was able to make it interesting and challenging."

  • "Materials that were provided were very detailed and give me much to review in the months to come. "

Rights Management in Music

Delivered at the ECMA's in April, Saskatchewan in collaboration with SaskMusic in May, at North by Northeast in June, in Ottawa to APCM members in September, and at the Music NB festival in Moncton in October.

Course content description:
Intellectual property is a new buzzword but what does it mean? Learn why it's important, who protects it, how it generates money, and where that money comes from. The two-part session explores performance rights, mechanical rights, synchronization rights, print rights, non-publishing income, and more!


  • "I have gained a better insight into how publishing/royalties work as well as learned the best way to approach the film/tv industry with my music and get it heard."

  • "The best things about the course were both how informative the material was and how clearly it was presented."

  • "Advance, online information, hand-outs, and delivery of the material by two experienced, personable professionals all in a relaxed setting. Can't ask for more than that out of a conference session."

Project Management for Digital Media Producers

Delivered in Vancouver, Regina and Charlottetown in October and in French, in Ottawa in December.

Course content description:
It provides an understanding of basic project management concepts and skills (the classic waterfall approach) with an introduction to the Agile methodology.


  • "Better understanding of how digital media companies approach project management and the different needs of their team members."

  • "I appreciated the introduction to how agile works. Now I have a better idea of what it is. Thanks!"

  • "The presenter kept the group engaged!"

Supporting Magazine Publishing

In early October, CHRC released a Competency Chart and Profile for Magazine Publishing, and a complementary Training Gaps Analysis. These have been well received by industry and educators alike, as they grapple with the challenges of the rapid digitization of the magazine industry. Mark Jamison, CEO of Magazines Canada, acknowledges the value of these tools to the industry:

"Magazines Canada is pleased and proud to have participated closely with CHRC on the development of these valuable tools for the magazine publishing industry. They will help to identify training gaps and needs, and guide educators and trainers in ensuring that our industry has highly skilled professionals to continue producing the quality publications that Canadians expect."

As announced in earlier e-newsletters, CHRC has also undertaken the creation of four on-line courses on digitization in the areas of editorial, production, advertising and circulation. These are being piloted by Magazines Canada and will be available broadly to training providers and employers in the coming weeks.

"I intend to recommend to our new employees to follow the four online Magazine Publishing courses recently developed by CHRC in collaboration with the industry and Magazines Canada." Janet Stern, Director of Human Resources, Rogers Publishing

Screen-based Media Training Database

Finding training in film, television and digital media has never been easier! Consult the Screen-based Media Training Database.

By clicking on Training Providers you will find a list of training providers that you can narrow down by specialty or by location.

Or you may want to click on Training Courses and use the advanced search to find the exact kind of training that you are looking for.

Once you have found an offering that interests you, please visit the training provider's website or use the contact information to contact them directly.

More Kudos for The Art of Managing Your Career course modules

More testimony on the value and importance of The Art of Managing Your Career

"Hi, I am interested in the course modules you are offering. I am gathering resources for a High Skills Major in Arts and Culture in my Secondary School. I am the Visual Art instructor. My portfolio development unit with students and the High Skills Major could benefit with this resource, as we prepare students for their arts career choices in Gr 11 and 12. Thank you very much, this web site is truly a rich resource for my department."

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