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January 2011

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Release of the Cultural HR Study 2010

The breaking news at the end of 2010 was the release of the much anticipated Cultural HR Study. This is the largest HR study ever undertaken on the cultural sector in Canada. It includes both a Labour Market Information (LMI) report with the most complete set of tables and detailed statistics ever assembled on the cultural labour force; and an in-depth report on HR Trends and Issues faced by employers, employees and the self-employed. See CHRC's website for highlights and the complete downloadable versions of these two reports at

As the December 2010 release announcement explained:

The LMI report documents the breadth and strength of the sector with a labour force of 539,000 employers and workers across the country, and an economic impact of $39 billion or 3.1% of GDP.

The HR Trends and Issues report is based on interviews, consultations and a survey of close to 3,000 employers, artists and cultural workers from across the sector and across the country. Highlights include industry fast facts; environmental overviews of HR issues, with employer and worker perspectives; and promising policies, programs and practices.

"The sector study web pages and accompanying reports are smashingly terrific! I really like the presentation and the messaging on your website...and the covers of both reports are simply put...brilliant. We were all so thrilled to see such a colourful and artistic flare to the covers."
- Douglas Watt, Associate Director, The Conference Board of Canada.

In collaboration with our PATAC partners, the Chair of the HR Study Steering Committee, Richard Hornsby, and Executive Director, Susan Annis, will be meeting with cultural workers and employers across the country (and with our northern colleagues by teleconference) in January and early February to discuss the findings and recommendations in the Study.

To quote CHRC's Chair, Kevin Hanson:

"With its LMI snapshot and comprehensive assessment of current and coming HR issues, the HR Study will serve as a roadmap for CHRC and the cultural workforce over the next five years. Its findings and recommendations will help to strategically position culture as an innovative force at the centre of Canada's emerging digital economy."

The Impact of Emerging Digital Technologies on the Cultural Sector

While deep in the process of the HR Study consultations, CHRC could see the shaping influence of digital technology on the cultural sector - the "digital tsunami" that is changing the way art and cultural products are created, produced, distributed, marketed and preserved. In its wake are critical HR issues such as the need for new skills training, new business models and new partnerships to enable Canada's cultural workers to take full advantage of the global marketplace. Anticipating the importance of this development, CHRC launched a national study on the Impact of Emerging Digital Technologies on the Cultural Sector (see November e-newsletter).

Momentum is building

In November and December the Impact study gained traction through a flurry of activity as CHRC gets ready for the formal consultation process, which is set to begin early January. Interview guides for each of the eight sub-sectors were developed and finalized with the insightful input from Steering Committee members. Also, a preliminary Literature Review was put together by the consultants, complete with descriptions of 30+ reports, articles and studies received to date. For each title, the Review identifies the digital impacts discussed, notes the HR issues raised, and assesses the relevance of the resources. The Review will be updated biweekly and made available online later in January.

We want to hear from you!

To encourage discussion throughout the duration of the study - and beyond! - CHRC is launching a new Interactive Forum on Wednesday, January 19, 2011, that will provide the cultural community with opportunities to express opinions on HR issues related to the Study. Initially, the Forum will be populated with ideas from key thought leaders in the community who are recognized in their fields and who have a keen understanding of DTs in the cultural sector.

You may already be aware of this "conversation facilitator" through CHRC's December 15th Newsflash, which we sent out as a "stay-tuned" appetizer to the community at large. Our intent is to pique the interest of members of the cultural community and of other key stakeholders, and to generate more buzz around for the Study. The next few months will be interesting and certainly exciting. Do stay tuned!

Magazine Publishing Industry Project

Competency Charts and Courses

CHRC is about to undertake the development of another competency chart and profile: this one on the Magazine Publishing function. Using the DACUM process (Develop A CUrriculuM), an Expert Working Group of practicing magazine professionals in all areas of magazine publishing will gather in January for 2 days of intense discussion (rigorously overseen by an experienced DACUM facilitator) to identify the skills needed in the magazine publishing function, including the areas of circulation, editorial, advertising and production. As we know, magazine publishers can be one or two-person shops, or mega corporations. Whatever the size, a specific skill set is needed - whether it rests in one person or in dozens of people in different "departments".

Online Courses

Work proceeds apace on the 4 online courses on digitization in the areas of editorial, production, advertising and circulation in magazine publishing. Four expert consultants have been engaged, and each is working with a small Expert Advisory Group to develop the content. Diane Davy, a well known and highly respected professional in the publishing industry, has also been engaged to bring her expertise in online training to the table and to coordinate the course development. This work will culminate in a validation roundtable in early June.

Guide on Best Practices in Working Relationships in the Magazine Industry

Under the direction of magazine publishing guru DB Scott, the Guide on Best Practices in Working Relationships in the Magazine Industry will help shape professional relations in the industry as it makes its way through the yet uncharted waters of digital publishing. A roundtable of magazine professionals and educators in early January will provide important feedback on the final shape of the document.

Pilot Workshops for Cultural Industries

CHRC is delighted to announce that its "Pilot Workshops" project finally got underway on January 1st, 2011. This multi-pronged project will provide important professional development building blocks for the Film and Television Industry, the Music Industry, and the Digital Media Industry. By delivering pilot workshops at strategic locations across the country, based on current CHRC material developed in collaboration with industry experts and practicing professionals, CHRC will ensure that training is available and accessible to cultural workers and employers whose skills in key areas of business and management, need upgrading.

In the case of Film and Television, course content has been developed and will now be delivered in pilot workshops on Business Skills for Film and Television Producers (3-day workshops in Toronto and Montréal, in English and French respectively); and Production Accounting Skills (5-day workshops in English and in French, locations TBD).

In the case of the Music Industry, course content to provide basic information on Rights Management in the Music Industry will be delivered in conjunction with major music industry events. They will include an online component which will be a prerequisite for the face-to-face workshop - an added benefit and incentive to take and stick with the training.

As for the Digital Media industry, a need for course content on Project Management and Business Skills for Digital Media Producers has been identified by industry and substantiated anecdotally and through research. CHRC will engage an expert consultant to develop this content and deliver it in 4 pilot workshops across the country. Times and locations TBD.

Career Focus and Building Careers in Heritage - Application deadline

Late last year, CHRC announced renewal of the Career Focus and Building Careers in Heritage programs for 2011/2012. (We administer these programs on behalf of HRSDC and DCH respectively.) Check our revamped website at to get the latest on application deadlines, a variety of tips for interns and employers, and entertaining and inspiring testimonials from interns and employers who have benefited from these programs. The application form is also available on our site.

CHRC Membership renewals

Take note of that hard copy envelope from CHRC that will arrive in your real-not-virtual mail box over the coming days. It will contain a membership renewal letter which we very much hope you will sign and return with a modest membership fee. We've opted to continue our membership renewal campaign through Canada Post because it's now somewhat of an original approach! We can't stress enough the importance of each individual and organization membership in terms of demonstrating to HRSDC the value that CHRC provides to the sector. Numbers count!

Arts Management Network - visit to Weimar

One last pleasant piece of news....In late November, CHRC's Executive Director was invited to address an international meeting on Cultural Management in Weimar, Germany to talk about the work that we have done in Canada to support cultural management and cultural managers. It was indeed very gratifying to review our accomplishments in this area, including:

  • a Competency Chart and Profile for Cultural Managers
  • a Feasibility Study for Certification of Cultural Managers
  • a Compensation Survey for Arts Administrators
  • an HR Toolkit for cultural managers
  • internships with a focus on cultural management
  • Cultural Management as a Career (online as one of the Careers in Culture series)
  • Working with a non-profit Board - tips and tools for cultural managers

But it's also sobering to realize how much more we must do to ensure that the cultural sector has the best management possible, fundamental to a nation's vibrant and healthy cultural expression.

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions and comments.

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