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The Impact of Digital Technology on the Cultural Sector

The Impact of Digital Technology Study is underway. On October 26, in the hallowed halls of the historic Monument National in Montreal, home of the National Theatre School, the Steering Committee met for the first time. They reviewed their role in guiding the study toward its objectives:

  • Identify, analyze and validate the impact of digital technology on HR from the perspectives of both employers and cultural workers in each of the eight sub-sectors throughout the whole creative chain, which includes creation, production, manufacturing, distribution/dissemination and preservation.
  • Identify HR and skills issues from a sub-sectoral and cross-sectoral perspective.
  • Make recommendations on how to address the identified HR challenges.

On the agenda was a presentation by Nordicity consultants who have been hired by CHRC to undertake the study. They presented their work plan for the coming 9 months, which includes a literature review, interviews, consultations and workshops against a backdrop of ongoing community engagement through "crowdsourcing". This viral marketing technique will ensure widespread input from across the sector over the consultation period and beyond.

The study will have several milestones, including 2 more Steering Committee meetings and reports to the CHRC Board, culminating in a national validation Roundtable in June 2011. Recommendations, both cross-sectoral and sub-sectoral, will guide CHRC and its sector partners to tackle HR issues in a strategic and efficient way, characterized by partnerships and collaboration among all the stakeholders.

The active involvement of all parts of the sector is necessary to gain the information and intelligence we need to strategically tackle the challenges of digitization.

A Focus on the Magazine Publishing Industry

Recognizing the particular perils facing magazine publishers as we climb slowly out of the economic recession and as new technologies change not only the product but the way of doing business, CHRC is putting a strong focus on the magazine publishing industry in the coming months. The Council has enlarged its Magazine Publishing Steering Committee to include representatives of the provincial magazine publishing associations, and will be convening it in early November. Among its first responsibilities will be to guide the development of a competency chart and profile for magazine publishing and a complementary training gaps analysis. These tools will help employers and workers to identify skills gaps; and training providers to develop appropriate curriculum/training for both entry level workers and those in need of professional development.

CHRC is also engaging consultants to develop online courses to address the challenges of digitization in the areas of editorial, advertising, circulation and production. These courses will be offered through training providers who will enhance them with complementary interactive components, and provide certification on completion. Magazines Canada will offer the first series of courses as pilots in fall 2011.

Also in support of the workers and employers in this rapidly evolving industry, CHRC is working with the Professional Writers Association of Canada and Magazines Canada to revise and adapt the Guide on Best Practices in Working Relationships in the Magazine Industry. This important publication will guide professional relations in the industry as it charts new digital publishing waters.

CHRC's rich course content resources

Over the year, CHRC has developed several course content documents for a variety of sub-sectors including visual arts and crafts, live performing arts, film and television, music and sound recording, writing and publishing, digital media, and heritage. These documents are now available in a new section on our website.

"The course, at Holland College, was advertised as "The Business of Music" and we had to turn people away when registration was full. The core curriculum for this course [created by the CHRC], along with the Music and Sound Recording Supplement, provided excellent material that was very relevant and practical. The course I delivered consisted of twelve 3-hour sessions and I brought in many guest speakers from the music industry.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we have had several requests to offer the course again. I have wanted to deliver a course like this for years and your curriculum made it possible." - Alan Dowling, Holland College

Competency Compendium - refreshed

For several years, CHRC has been producing competency charts and profiles for key occupations throughout the sector. These were collected, along with other occupational analyses in a Competency Compendium which was created in 2005. We're pleased to say that the Compendium has been refreshed and updated. As a searchable database it allows users to find occupational analyses by discipline or occupation. For questions related to the Compendium, please contact Lucie D'Aoust -

TDSB project - Artist as Entrepreneur available

CHRC met with several Arts Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) schools in the Toronto District School Board, in October, to let them know about its Artist as Entrepreneur curriculum support material. This rich course resource for arts students who need business skills in the real world of the self-employed, is based on CHRC's The Art of Managing Your Career. Teachers were keenly interested in the material. It has been widely distributed to Arts SHSM high schools across Ontario and is now available to educators across the country who want to prepare their arts students for the business side of being an artist. To receive your copy, please contact us at

Don't forget to check them out!

Our Careers in Culture booklets... on the Web

"I would like to congratulate you on your Careers in Culture modules. They're extremely well done. I've passed them on to my two kids, who are interested, respectively, in writing and in history!" - Danielle Hamelin

The Art of Managing Your Career & discipline enhancements... on the Web

"I just wanted to let you know that the CHRC information has been extremely useful in our Career Management course and we've had two successful quarters running the new curriculum. Thank you!" - Christina Baumgartner, Graphic and Digital Media Design Department Head, Centre for Arts and Technology

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions and comments.

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