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Cultural Sector HR Study: Steering Committee meets in Montreal - Impact Report to be released - Focus Groups underway

The Cultural Sector HR Study is proceeding apace. In late September, the Steering Committee met in Montreal to review the draft of an early report from the consultants at the Conference Board of Canada entitled "The Effect of the Global Economic Recession on Canada's Creative Economy in 2009". This research documents what many in the sector know to be too true: traditional culture sector revenue streams such as business advertising, endowments, and municipal funding have been eroded due to the weak economy and the steep decline in stock markets - and cultural industries and cultural workers have felt the pinch. The report will be released in early November.

The Conference Board has also begun a series of 14 Focus Groups to seek the sector's views and opinions on the HR issues affecting their industries/disciplines. They met with cultural sector workers and employers and other stakeholders in Edmonton and Winnipeg in October. In November, they will hold Focus Groups in Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal, Halifax, St. John's, Saskatoon and Vancouver. In early December, they will hold the final Focus Group in Ottawa. If you would like to participate in one of these Focus Groups and have not received an invitation, please contact CHRC's Executive Director Susan Annis directly at

Music Marketing and Set Safety Workshops lining up

Marketing Music in the New Economy
Hosts for the Music Marketing workshops have been identified in 3 locations: Montreal on December 10, in collaboration with ADISQ; Winnipeg on December 5, in collaboration with Manitoba Music; and Toronto on January 15, in collaboration with CIMA. We are still waiting for confirmation of an east coast host in early 2010. These pilot workshops will test drive various aspects of the content in the course document "Welcome to the Future - A Guide to Marketing Music in the New Economy", and demonstrate how the material can be adapted or adopted by training providers across the country, including professional associations and educational institutions.

The National Training Advisory Council for the Music Industry will meet on March 26, 2010 in Ottawa to review the success of these workshops in the context of the whole question of professional development in the music industry.

Set Safety and Set Etiquette
Sarah Buell has been engaged by CHRC to develop Set Safety and Set Etiquette workshops planned for early 2010 based on the outlines developed by CHRC's Health and Safety Working Group. Locations for the workshops will be finalized soon. At the present time we have firmed up Toronto on January 14, in collaboration with DGC Ontario, and Halifax on January 19, in collaboration with the newly formed Atlantic Regional Training Organization (RTO). We are waiting for confirmation of locations for workshops to be delivered in Montreal and Alberta.

The National Training Advisory Council for the Film and Television industry will meet in Ottawa on March 19, 2010 to review the workshops as national standards for set safety and set etiquette in the film and television industry.

AMYC Workshops - practical business skills for artists

Carole Finley (Manitoba), Claude Gillet (Québec), Diane Davy (Ontario), Richard Hornsby (New Brunswick), Sibyl Frei (Consultant), Maha Surani (Observer from ACCC), Karen Henders (Saskatchewan), Louise Fleming (Consultant), Sam Baardman (Manitoba), Maria Driscoll (PEI), Lucie D'Aoust (CHRC), and Sylvie Rochette (BC)

As explained in the last newsletter, in response to a request from its Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee (PATAC), CHRC's Board engaged a consultant to develop workshop material based on The Art of Managing Your Career to address the ever pressing need of self-employed artists to acquire practical business skills. In late October, representatives from PATAC partners gathered in Ottawa for a 2-day intensive train-the-trainer session to go over the comprehensive course documents. Participants were enthusiastic in their assessment of the material. They will be seeking ways to deliver the workshops through associations and educational institutions in their provinces; and how to access provincial Labour Market Agreement (LMA) funding to finance training delivery. In Manitoba, ACI Manitoba is ready to launch the workshops this fall, with training funds from their province's LMA.

Support for the Dictionnaire de compétences des travailleurs culturels

CHRC is pleased to be collaborating with the Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference (ARCCC) to produce an English version of the Dictionnaire de compétences des travailleurs culturels des centres d'artistes autogérés created by the Regroupement des centres d'artistes autogérés du Québec (RCAAQ). This is an excellent opportunity for CHRC to support the work of visual artists through artists-run centres that are incubators for so much creative work that goes on across the country. Work is getting underway on the English text.

Board meeting in Montreal
Special guests : CQRHC and Quebec's cultural HR community

CHRCs Board had the pleasure of meeting with members of Quebec's cultural HR community in Montréal in late September. This included representatives of an informal network of HR professionals in the cultural sector (which has been meeting since CHRC first brought them together around the development of the HR Tools for cultural managers), and those responsible for professional development in positions funded by Emploi Quebec, through the intervention of CQRHC.

CHRC continues to count CQRHC among its strongest provincial partners!

Mark your agendas

* Film and Television National Training Advisory Council: Ottawa, March 19, 2010

* Music National Training Advisory Council: Ottawa, March 26, 2010

* CHRC HR Forum and release of the Cultural HR Study: Ottawa, June 18, 2010

Film and Television Training Database


Careers in Culture

CHRC is pleased to announce that print versions of the popular Careers in Culture online books will soon be available in pdf format. They don't have the interactivity of the online books, but nonetheless provide excellent hard copy options for those who prefer hands on material.

Of Note: Benefits for the self-employed
Congratulations to ACTRA Fraternal Benefit Society and the Writers Union!

Article from Globe and Mail, October 21, 2009

Writers, editors, agents and other members of the Canadian publishing industry gathered in Toronto yesterday to mark the inauguration of an unprecedented benefits plan.

Designed by the Writers' Union of Canada and the Fraternal Benefit Society of the 20,000-strong Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists, the plan takes effect Nov. 1 and is open to members of the Writers' Union as well as the Playwrights Guild of Canada and the Professional Writers Association of Canada, among other participating organizations.

The plan offers drug, health and dental coverage based on moderately priced premiums available to individuals, couples and families.

The Writers' Union has spent more than two years working with ACTRA Fraternal to come up with a plan.

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