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Annual General Meeting 2009

The Art of Managing Your Career 2009 - revised and refreshed!

"I enjoyed the materials regarding career development in the arts sector, it was well put together and quite informative."
- Ian MacDonald, Intern at Cinefest Sudbury

The highlight of CHRC's 15th AGM was the announcement of the release of The Art of Managing Your Career 2009 - an updated version of the ever popular manual to help self-employed artists with essential business skills as they launch their own careers. Retaining its core essential information, this 2009 version has revised references to important sources such as the Canada Revenue Agency, and refreshed website references and testimonials. The discipline enhancements which were recently added are still of course current and available. A revised Teacher's Guide will soon be online as well.

Board goings and comings...

The AGM also acknowledged goings and comings on the Board.


CHRC Board and members said good bye to three departing Board members who have served the Council faithfully and ardently over many years. In recognition of their contributions, the Board presented them with tokens of appreciation:

  • a Seagull Pewter vase to Brigitte Clavette, representative of the Canadian Crafts Federation for 6 years;
  • a carving from a Manitoba aboriginal artist to Mark Melymick, representative for workers in the Film and Television industry, chair of the Live Performing Arts Steering Committee, and co-chair of the National Training Advisory Council for Film and Television over three Board terms (i.e. 9 years); and
  • a carving from an Ontario aboriginal artist to Bruce Porter, Secretary to the Board, chair of the Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee (in all its incarnations), and member of the Book Publishing Steering Committee over three Board terms (i.e. 9 years)

As recognized in the Executive Director's AGM report:

"Brigitte Clavette who has been the representative for Visual Arts and Crafts for 2 terms has been our resident jeweler (several of us are adorned by lovely Clavette necklaces and earrings!)...

Mark has brought passion and energy to the Board table as a representative of ACTRA, and also member of WGC and Equity. Performer, television actor and educator at Sheridan's Performing Arts Programme, he has advocated for emerging and self-employed artists at every CHRC meeting - without fail!...

Bruce's steady thoughtful wisdom, editorial eagle eye as Secretary to the Board, deep understanding of governance, dedication to working artists, and wonderful sense of humour have lightened and enlightened Executive and Board discussions for many years."

CHRC Board and members also acknowledged the commitment of Richard Hornsby who resigned as Chair of the Board after seven years. (He will continue on the Board as Past Chair for another term.) It was announced that CHRC will make a financial contribution of $500 on his behalf to the project he has created: the Atlantic Symphonia Classical Kids Club Music Discovery Programme in its opening season, September 2009.

Again, to quote from the Executive Director's AGM report:

"Richard's commitment as Chair over the past seven years has been without equal. He has led the Council with a steady hand through often murky and even turbulent waters. CHRC has benefited enormously from his steady hand on the tiller, his passion for the arts, his personal understanding of the needs of self-employed artists, his role as an educator, and his broad knowledge of the cultural industries."


We were at the same time delighted to welcome two new Board members:

  • Ferne Downey, President of ACTRA, will sit on CHRC's Board as a representative of workers in the Film and Television industry.
  • Michael Maynard, President of the Canadian Crafts Federation, will sit on CHRC's Board as a representative of workers in the Visual Arts and Crafts sub-sector.

We were also pleased to welcome back, for their third terms, 2 invaluable Board members who have already served the Council for six years:

  • Marie Lalonde, Executive Director of the Ontario Museums Association, will sit on CHRC's Board as a representative of employers in the Heritage sub-sector.
  • Karen Virag, member of the Editors Association of Canada, will sit on CHRC's Board as a representative of workers in the Writing and Publishing sub-sector.

And A New Executive

CHRC's new Executive for 2009/2010 includes:

Kevin Hanson - Chair
Ron Lamoureux - Vice-chair
Ellen Busby - Treasurer
Karen Virag - Secretary
Peter Murdoch - Member-at-large
Richard Hornsby - Past chair

Update on Study

Over the past two months, the Conference Board of Canada has been pursuing its work on the Cultural Sector HR Study. This includes developing an economic "shock report" which will isolate the impact of the economic downturn on the cultural sector - to be presented to the Board in September; gathering labour market information for Phase 1 of the Study (to be available in December 2009); and setting up focus groups at various locations across Canada and creating an online survey, to begin the process of identifying and analysing the HR issues in the sector.

Conference Board consultants presented a report on their progress to the Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee (PATAC) and to the CHRC Board at their June meetings. They used these occasions to confirm survey instruments and definitions.

Over the course of the coming months the Conference Board will be carrying on broad consultations with the whole sector. Readiness on the part of both cultural workers and employers to talk to their consultants and respond to their surveys is key to the success of the HR Study: key to the veracity of its findings and the helpfulness of its recommendations. This is a unique opportunity to identify the HR challenges the sector is facing and focus attention on solutions. It only comes every 7 or 8 years. Let's use it to its full advantage.


CHRC's Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee (PATAC) provides the Council with very important links to the provinces and territories which have responsibility for training delivery. Training-related projects which CHRC develops can include everything up to the point of training delivery (competency charts and profiles, training gaps analyses, course outlines and contents, and pilot workshops). The importance to CHRC of the collaboration of PATAC members cannot be overstated. For its part, CHRC can help to strengthen the network of provincial councils and nurture their growth.

CHRC convenes PATAC meetings 4 times a year - three by conference call and one in person. At its June face-to-face meeting in Ottawa, PATAC received presentations from the Canada Council which maintains important relations with the provinces through the Canadian Provincial Arts Funders network, and through programs like the Flying Squad; and from consultants at the Conference Board of Canada who are undertaking the Cultural HR Study.

CHRC is exploring the possibility of undertaking collaborative projects with PATAC members in the coming months.

Career Focus

Intern at Studio 303
Intern at Studio 303

We are delighted that the youth internship program Career Focus has been renewed for 2009/2010. Application forms are now available on CHRC's website.

Deadline for application is July 31st 2009.

The Robert Johnston Work in Culture Award

Robert Johnson, CCCO
Robert Johnston

One of CHRC's valued PATAC members, Robert Johnston, long time Executive Director of the Cultural Careers Council of Ontario (CCCO), is retiring. Diane Davy, former publisher of the Owl Group, one of the frontrunners in magazine and book publishing for young audiences, will be replacing him. In his honour, the CCCO Board of Directors has announced the establishment of the Robert Johnston Work in Culture Award.

The CCCO explains that the Award will be presented annually to an individual who has demonstrated a tenacious commitment to furthering human resources development in the cultural sector in Ontario. Either as a manager, mentor, supporter or educator, the recipient will have made a deliberate and fruitful contribution to supporting the growth of our sector's most valued resource: its people. The Award will include an undesignated cash gift and a commissioned work of art by an artist of Bob's choosing.

CHRC will miss the sound wisdom and passionate determination that have marked Bob's career in the cultural sector and collaboration with our Council over many years. We wish him well!

Labour Market Agreements (LMAs) and Labour Market Development Agreements (LMDAs)

As we noted above, training delivery is a provincial responsibility. But too often the cultural sector is left out of the funding that is being transferred to the provinces for that purpose. We remind you that Labour Market Development Agreements (LMDAs) and Labour Market Agreements (LMAs) have been signed between the federal government and individual provinces to allow a transfer of hundreds of thousands of dollars for training to the provinces. Information on these federal/provincial agreements can be found here.

These agreements are handled differently in each province. The important point is to be aware that they exist, and to convince the appropriate provincial authorities that cultural workers should have access to those funds.

Cultural employers and workers should be alert to ways to access and benefit from this important provincial training support!

Canada CODE - Passing on an invitation to creative people for the Vancouver Olympics!

Canada CODE is a digital mash-up of text, photos, memories and observations about the daily lives of the very people who live, work and play here and who love to explore what it means to be Canadian. Anyone with Internet access and a desire to share can create, contribute and play a part in this grassroots digital collaboration. Some may even see a bit of the spotlight in 2010 when a selection of the best Canada CODE content will be screened for thousands of spectators and athletes during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Canada CODE is the first project of CODE, the Cultural Olympiad's digital edition, designed to creatively engage audiences in Canada and around the globe at a time when Canada is opening its arms to the world.

Film and Television Training Database

Remember to visit CHRC's Film and Television Training Database for training opportunities across the country.

Have a wonderful summer! And please keep in touch...

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