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May 2009

March and April have been busy months as we close down fiscal year 2008/2009 and set our sites on 2009/2010.

In this issue!

April Regional Meetings

The last activity of our project funding for 2008/2009 was a series of regional meetings with representatives of the Digital Media industry, and with workers in the Magazine Publishing industry.

Digital Media

Following the recent release of the Digital Media Content Creation Technology Roadmap (TRM), and the Interactive Media Producers competency chart and profile and training gaps analysis, CHRC was keen to get into the field and engage practitioners and educators in discussion around these documents. With this in mind, CHRC vice chair Ron Lamoureux and staff met DM content creators, producers, educators, policy makers and funders in six cities across the country: at the Société des arts technologiques in Montréal; the Atlantic Technology Centre in Charlottetown; Great Way Northern Campus in Vancouver; Mount Royal College in Calgary and at NAIT in Edmonton via video conference; Inn at the Forks in Winnipeg; and in the boardroom of Interactive Ontario in Toronto.

The meetings were both informational (in terms of the Interactive Media Producer tools) and consultative as CHRC sought and received valuable responses regarding the technology and HR projects identified in the TRM.

CHRC is seeking ways to implement many of these ideas over the coming year. Meetings are planned with Industry Canada and other stakeholders to explore next steps. Stay tuned.

Magazine Publishing

With the Compensation Survey for Magazine Publishing hot off the press, CHRC met with representatives of the Magazine Publishing industry in Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto to discuss the Survey's findings; and to continue to build the relationship between CHRC and magazine publishers.

There is much enthusiasm for how the Council and magazine publishers can work together to address HR issues in the industry, in particular through their national and provincial associations. Magazines Canada, BCAMP and AMPA have been valuable allies in setting up the meetings and engaging their members in dialogue around current and future HR and training needs. Discussions relating to specific projects for collaboration are underway.

Infrastructure Renewal

CHRC moves into the new fiscal year grateful for a renewed infrastructure agreement, freshly signed, which will cover the Council's operating funds for the coming three years: 2009/2010, 2010/2011 and 2011/2012.

"The CHRC web site and products are incredibly useful. I go there all the time." - Susan Chalmers-Gauvin, Founder and CEO of the Atlantic Ballet Theatre

A bit of history...
Since CHRC was incorporated in 1994 as a not-for-profit sector council dedicated to strengthening the cultural workforce, the federal government has supported its operations through infrastructure funding. CHRC has very specific undertakings and expected outcomes related to the associated infrastructure agreements, and is closely evaluated on its achievements. Over the years, the Council has developed a collaborative relationship with HRSDC which has resulted in significant support for HR project funding from the department for all parts of the sector.

Within the broad skills agenda of the federal government, CHRC provides a valuable bridge between the specific and unique needs of the cultural sector and HRSDC.

Career Focus

As announced in the last e-newsletter, the federal government recently announced new funding for the very popular Career Focus program. It is expected that the program will kick into high gear in early July. It will require quick turn around on the part of employers to take full advantage of the funding - but the benefits are worth it - for employers, for organizations, and of course for the emerging cultural workers who get their first job opportunities through Career Focus. CHRC will announce the program as soon as it is approved.

National Advisory Committee on Cultural Statistics

CHRC is a new member of the National Advisory Committee on Cultural Statistics (NACCS). This committee's mandate is to "advise the Chief Statistician and Statistics Canada on conceptual, methodological, analytical and other issues pertaining to cultural statistics." The members of the committee, including cultural representatives, academics and government bureaucrats, provide input for the development, conduct and continuous improvement of statistical programs that measure the cultural sector in Canada. Alain Pineau, National Director of the Canadian Conference of the Arts, is chair.

The NACCS is currently looking at a new Canadian Framework for Cultural Statistics - a new way to gather, collate and analyse cultural statistics to reflect the emerging cultural reality - notably the inclusion of digital media in the profile. While the wheels turn slowly at Statistics Canada, that department is incredibly important to the cultural sector in terms of understanding the impacts and challenges of businesses, employers and workers in the sector. Cultural stats often provide the evidence and rationale for federal programs and policies in the sector - it is essential that the numbers reflect the reality. We are encouraged by the quality and commitment of the members of the current NACCS and pleased that CHRC is a member.

Board Elections - Call for Nominations

CHRC's Board is comprised of 16 elected Directors who include an employer and a worker representative from each of the sub-sectors/cultural industries: Broadcasting, Film and Television, Music and Sound Recording, Writing and Publishing, Visual Arts and Crafts, Heritage, Digital Media, and the Live Performing Arts. Directors serve for three-year terms, renewable 2 times. CHRC members vote for the nominees in their particular sub-sector/industry.

This year we have vacancies in
Film and Television (worker position)
Heritage (employer position)
Visual Arts and Crafts (worker position)
Writing and Publishing (worker position)

A Call for Nominations has gone out to members with a deadline for nominations of May 11. If sub-sector elections need to be held (where there is more than one nominee), they will take place in the last 2 weeks of May. Results will be ratified at the Annual General Meeting.

Join us at our Annual General Meeting on June 19, 2009

CHRC welcomes members and non-members to its Annual General Meeting 2009, which will take place in Ottawa (location to be announced) on June 19 at 11:00 am. It is an excellent opportunity to meet the Board and get a finger on the CHRC pulse (which is very healthy!)

Recent Releases

Still to come:

  • Business Skills for Producers in Film, Television and Digital Media

We've talked about this course for several weeks now - we keep thinking it is about to be released - and then final touches need to be made. While it is a bit frustrating not to be able to let people see the penultimate copy, we are really very pleased with the quality of the final product - in English et en français.

By the end of May - we promise.

A course of interest

An organization entitled Social Tech Training (STT) offers training that might be of interest to the not-for-profit members of CHRC. Their goal is to "move the not-for-profit sector towards more innovation, creativity, and engagement in their important work." See

Please keep in touch...

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions, concerns and comments. Staff can all be reached at 613-562-1535, at the following extensions and emails:

Susan Annis, Executive Director - Extension 22 -

Erma Barnett, Finance Officer - Extension 29 -

Geneviève Chassé, Manager, Communications and Marketing / Youth Internship Programme Coordinator - Extension 31 -

Lucie M. D'Aoust, Sr. Project Manager - Extension 21 -

Michael Lechasseur, Web Coordinator - Extension 26 -

A list of 2008/2009 Board members can be found on CHRC's web site at


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