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CHRC Newsletter


CHRC Newsletter
March 2009


Career Focus and Building Careers in Heritage


"I always wanted to work in marketing an arts organisation and Honens seemed to be the right place to help me fulfill this goal. Having overseas work experience, my Marketing Associate position has helped me develop new relationships in the Canadian market. As an intern I am learning more and more about the communications field. It's all part of the growth I need to have a great career in the arts!" - Janet Bwititi, Marketing Associate, Honens

At the top of the news this month is the announcement from HRSDC that Career Focus is being renewed. CHRC will be applying to the program to administer a portion of it on behalf of HRSDC for the cultural sector. As many of you know, the work opportunities made possible through Career Focus have launched the careers of young emerging cultural workers in the sector.

Meanwhile, applications for Building Careers in Heritage, which CHRC administers on behalf of the Department of Canadian Heritage, will be assessed by the Selection Committee in the following week. News on successful employers will be announced by the end of the month.


Meeting of the Music Industry Education Committee


The Music Industry Education Committee met in February to consider among other topics, ways to "rationalize professional development offerings" in the music industry. The challenge is that the plethora of PD workshops, courses and seminars available to artists, managers and other professionals in the music industry are not necessarily meeting the current needs of the industry. Also, it is possible that more can be done to share valuable PD content among training providers so we are "not re-inventing the wheel". The committee considered (1) the criteria that should be attached to PD courses/workshops, from basic to master level, with an emphasis on quality; (2) how the courses/workshops can and should be delivered (e.g. face-to-face or online training); and (3) who should create the content (and how can it be shared?). There was consensus about the need for quality in the offerings; that they should be "stepped" to meet the different needs of emerging and senior professionals in the industry; and that professional associations could work effectively with educational institutions, and educational institutions could share with each other to provide quality, timely, sequenced and accessible PD offerings that will meet the immediate needs of the industry. To be continued....


Meeting of RTOs at PrimeTime


CHRC held an informal meeting of representatives of the Film and Television Regional Training Organizations (RTOs) when they converged on Ottawa with the rest of the English Canadian film industry for the CFTPA's Prime Time. It was a matter of grabbing a short hour of their time before the schmoozing and business of that classic annual industry event got underway. We gathered chairs in the centre of the delegates lounge as display booths were set up around us. Every other room in the inn had been booked for the event! In this calm before the storm we reviewed the progress CHRC has been making with its film and television related projects (e.g. Production Accountants course and Business Skills for Producers course), and heard about related RTO activities across the country. Of particular note is the progress among the Atlantic provinces towards creating a regional RTO, which they have named ARTO (hastening to lay claim to that title before Alberta did!).


Magazine Compensation Study


CHRC is pleased to release a synopsis of the first national compensation survey of the Canadian magazine industry, which it undertook in close collaboration with Magazines Canada. CHRC and representatives of large and small magazine publishers oversaw the work of consultants from Mercer to carry out this comprehensive analysis. After an industry-wide invitation in October 2008, 113 publications represented by 29 organisations chose to participate. The survey review includes 49 benchmark positions in the areas of management, editorial, electronic media, production and pre-press, sales and marketing, circulation, and sales. Magazines Canada describes this compensation study as "an invaluable planning tool for Canadian publishers of all sizes who participated in the initiative. We very much appreciate CHRC's commitment to this groundbreaking project."


TASC meeting


In early February, the Alliance of Sector Councils (TASC) held its annual policy forum which considered the topic "Addressing Skills Development in Uncertain Times". Among the invited speakers was Tom Bewick, CEO of Creative and Cultural Skills, the UK's sector council for advertising, crafts, cultural heritage, design, music, performing arts, literary arts and visual arts. (In November, Dinah Caine, CEO of the UK's Skillset, sister council to Creative and Cultural Skills, addressed our NTAC for Film and Television.) Tom is also the chair of the British equivalent to TASC. He was able to share with senior HRSDC officials and Minister Finley the importance of the Live Performing Arts and the cultural sector in general as an economic engine in the burgeoning creative economy.


Film and Television Training Database


CHRC created a promotional video for the Film and Television Training Database. The video was distributed to all delegates at the CFTPA's PrimeTime on their iTouch device, and is now available on our website.


In the wings

  • Regional meetings with Digital Media industry: CHRC is planning meetings with representatives of the Digital Media industry, educators and provincial funders and policy makers in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Moncton and Charlottetown, during the month of April. On the agenda will be the Interactive Media Producers competency chart and profile and training gaps analysis that have just been released. We will also take these opportunities to discuss the findings of the Digital Media Content Creation Technology Road Map (TRM) which was released in February.

  • Magazine industry: Also in April, CHRC will be meeting with representatives of the Magazine industry in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal to present the Magazine Compensation Study (see above) and also to discuss HR issues that the industry is facing.


Twitter and Facebook


CHRC is bravely entering the wonderful world of social networking and we invite you to join us! Follow CHRC on Twitter, and look for our upcoming fan page on Facebook. We will be tweeting about our releases, events, announcements and other cultural HR topics.


Reminder of Releases


By way of a reminder, here are the releases that CHRC is planning by March 31, 2009. You will find these on our web site.


To be released:

  • Compensation Study for Arts Administrators
  • Production Accountants Course Content
  • Location Managers Competency Chart and Profile
  • Business Skills for Film Producers Course Content
  • Interactive Media Producers Training Gaps Analysis
  • Showrunners Training Gaps Analysis
  • Location Managers Training Gaps Analysis

Our valued Members - and renewal!


Letters have gone out across the country to remind you to renew your CHRC membership. We hope you have responded.

We can't tell you how important membership is to our council. Of course it provides CHRC with a modest revenue stream to allow us to undertake projects that wouldn't fall within the objectives of our government funders.

But more importantly, our members provide us with an invaluable network to and in the cultural sector, with a unique HR perspective and interest.

As we have announced widely, there is an added benefit for membership this year: all course content documents will now be available on the For Members section of our website.


Please keep in touch....


Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions, concerns and comments. Staff can all be reached at 613-562-1535, at the following extensions and emails:

Susan Annis, Executive Director - Extension 22 -

Erma Barnett, Finance Officer - Extension 29 -

Geneviève Chassé, Manager, Communications and Marketing / Youth Internship Programme Coordinator - Extension 31 -

Lucie M. D'Aoust, Sr. Project Manager - Extension 21 -

Michael Lechasseur, Web Coordinator - Extension 26 -

A list of 2008/2009 Board members can be found on CHRC's web site at

We look forward to continuing to work with you all to address HR challenges facing employers, artists and cultural workers. Thank you for renewing!