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CHRC Newsletter

CHRC Newsletter
September 2007

Recap on Summer Releases

It's been a busy and productive summer for CHRC. You will have received a steady stream of weekly Press Releases for several weeks, announcing new products which we hope will be of interest and use to you. By way of a recap:

Another Summer Highlight

Roundtable for Theatre Technicians: On August 15, CHRC convened a Roundtable for Theatre Technicians and Educators on the subject of "on-the-job" training opportunities for emerging theatre technicians. Tom Bewick, the CEO of Creative and Cultural Skills Sector Council in England (which is similar but not identical to CHRC in terms of scale and scope), was a special guest. He spoke about the significant progress in standardizing training for theatre technicians in the UK, and in developing an apprenticeship programme to bridge the gap for theatre technicians between school and work. A second keynote presentation was by Louise Boucher, Executive Director of le Conseil québécois des ressources humaines en culture (CQRHC), and Guy-Anne Albert from the Ministère de l'éducation du Quebec, who reported on a recently published report, Production scénique. This important piece of research, which was produced jointly by the government and sector council, includes a very useful series of "job descriptions" of 12 key occupations in the theatre technician community, which they have translated for use and reference by their English colleagues across the country.

The Roundtable was very dynamic. The participants demonstrated a strong desire and commitment on the part of industry and educators to work together to provide quality on-the-job training opportunities for emerging theatre technicians and professional development for mid-career theatre technicians.

The Fall Agenda

Looking forward to the fall, we will see important progress in our work with the cultural industries

National Training Advisory Council (NTAC)
CHRC's Film and Television Steering Committee met over the summer to lay the groundwork for the first meeting of the National Training Advisory Council (NTAC) for Film and Television, which will take place this fall. One of the key recommendations of Fast Forward, a national training strategy for the film and television industry, was to formally bring members of the industry to the table with trainers, funders and policy makers to oversee the implementation of all of the Fast Forward recommendations. NTAC responds to that recommendation.

Also flowing directly from a recommendation in Fast Forward is CHRC's ongoing maintenance of DCH's new Film and Television Training Data Base (TDB) The number of visitors is growing steadily as educators, trainers, artists and cultural workers in the film and television industry become aware of this rich and useful resource.

Both the NTAC and the TDB are critical pieces of the training puzzle for the film and television industry. Both were recommended by the participants of the HR summit for the industry that CHRC organized in April 2004 when they called for "harmonization" of training (i.e. through the NTAC), and a way to be aware of and sort through the plethora of training offerings in and for the industry (i.e. a TDB). CHRC is pleased to see the progress that is being made as approach these objectives.

Music Industry
CHRC's Music Industry Steering Committee is overseeing the development of a training strategy document by consultant Shelley Stein-Sacks. The draft training strategy will be validated this fall by industry associations across the country.

The document will make recommendations on training in the following areas:

  • Training Needs
  • Training Providers - Formal Training, Workshops and Seminars, Professional Coaching
  • Training Types - On-line, Industry Events, Mentoring, Internships

Book Publishing
CHRC's Book Publishing Steering Committee will meet in late September to begin laying the groundwork for a Roundtable with book publishers and educators in early 2008. The Steering Committee will also be preparing a Request for Proposals for a consultant to undertake a professional development course for book publishers, the theme and content to be determined. This will be informed by the recommendations of the Training Gaps Analysis for Book Publishers, completed for CHRC in 2006.

A Study of Large Employers in the Cultural Industries and A Study of the Newspaper Industry
As explained in previous newsletters, Nordicity Inc is undertaking interviews of the 5 largest employers in each of the following cultural industries: Film, Broadcasting, Sound Recording, Book and Magazine Publishing, and New Media to determine their HR needs and if and how CHRC can be of service to them. These are underway. Nordicity is also undertaking a parallel study of the newspaper industry to establish its place in the cultural sector and vis a vis CHRC. The Studies' Steering Committee will be receiving the draft report in early October, and CHRC's Board will be receiving the final report at its Board meeting on October 19 in Newfoundland.

A Governance Review of CHRC will be a subsequent step, based on the findings of the studies.

You - Our Members

You are our valued members. Our Staff is always ready and willing to respond to your queries and concerns. Don't hesitate to contact us:

Remember too that CHRC's Board members, from across the country, are there to represent you at CHRC. They are elected by discipline, but they sit at the CHRC Board table as representatives of the broad cultural sector. Don't hesitate to get in touch with them also if you have HR issues or concerns that CHRC can help you with.