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CHRC Newsletter

CHRC Newsletter
January 2007

Dear CHRC members,

Happy New Year to you all from the staff at CHRC!

CHRC closed down 2006 in a flurry of activity, which augers well for 2007! Here is where we've been over the past 2 months and a glimpse at where we're going.

The Art of Managing Your Career Discipline Enhancements

One of the most exciting projects we're now engaged in is developing the discipline enhancements for The Art of Managing Your Career. As many of you will know, this manual, designed to help self-employed artists and cultural workers deal with the realities of handling their own businesses, has been very popular in the community and with educators. The one complaint CHRC has heard about the document is that it doesn't go into enough detail for specific disciplines. The discipline enhancements will respond to that problem.

In December, CHRC invited practising artists - dancers, writers, actors, filmmakers, new media content creators, musicians, visual artists and craftspeople - to meet in Ottawa to discuss the content of the discipline enhancements and how they would be presented. Our "experts" met together and in discipline specific groups, each with a professional writer engaged to create the enhancement on the direction of the artists.

We had a day of full and rich discussions about subject matter and format, each group adding to the conversation in specific ways. Communications/networking, copyright, income generating opportunities, legal contracts, self-promotion and a critical assessment of the discipline or industry rated high among the issues raised by the artists.

The writers are now at work compiling and preparing the content. They will have final copies in April.

The Business of the Music Industry

Having engaged an Expert Working Group of Music Publishers to develop a competency chart and profile for their profession, CHRC is now undertaking a Training Gaps Analysis based on their findings. It will identify where Music Publisher skills are taught, and where there are training needs.

The Music Publisher documents will complement the competency charts and profiles and training gaps analyses for Record Label Managers and Music Artist Managers, which were created earlier in 2006. (Still to come, in 2007, are competency charts and profiles and training gaps analyses for live music production (concert production, promotion, booking); and recorded audio production (software developers, engineers, etc.)).

We are also moving ahead with Phase 1 of the National Training Strategy for the Music Industry. This initial step in developing a full blown strategy will include compiling and analyzing the information and recommendations from the Training Gaps Analyses and from the Music Industry Roundtable held in Ottawa in May 2006. It will also involve interviewing training providers, the industry associations, and emerging musicians to test the early directions of the strategy as it takes shape. Phase 2, which will happen later in 2007, will include recommendations, responsible parties, and timeframes for implementation, based on the information collected in Phase 1.

And we are pleased to announce that we have engaged two excellent authorities on copyright law to undertake the development of an in depth course on the application of copyright. The course will include case studies that cover a broad range of situations where music is used: in ring tones, films, DVDs, games and on the Internet. Stéphane Gilker and Brian Chater will each develop case studies based on these applications -four from Quebec and four from the rest of Canada. The courses will be in English and in French and will be ready for delivery in April 2007.

The live performing arts

There are now several competency charts and profiles available for Theatre Technician occupations, three of which were produced by CHRC - Automation Technicians, Stage Hands and Entertainment Riggers (just completed). These and competency charts for other Theatre Technician occupations created by the Banff Centre for the Arts and the Conseil québécois des ressources humaines en culture, can be found in CHRC's Competency Compendium. In August 2007, CHRC will be holding a Roundtable of educators and Theatre Technicians to discuss training gaps and how to fill them.

CHRC is pleased to announce that it has completed the competency chart and profile for Presenters and, in collaboration with CAPACOA, RIDEAU and FCCF, will be undertaking a complementary Training Gaps Analysis in January 2007.

Film and Television Training Database

One of the most exciting bits of news that CHRC received at the end of 2006 was the green light from the Department of Canadian Heritage to put the long awaited Film and Television Training Database online. CHRC is completing the final updates - look for the online version in February!

Early 2007 launches and releases

CHRC is putting the finishing touches on projects that will bear fruit early in the New Year. Stay tuned for the following:

  • A new CHRC web site look with navigation that will let you access CHRC's wealth of resources by discipline/ industry: Music and Sound Recording, Film and Broadcasting, Live Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Crafts, Writing and Publishing, New Media, Heritage and Cultural Management.

    It will also be possible to search by some broad themes: Self-Employment; and Export Marketing.

  • New online interactive versions of 8 Careers in Culture books in English and French and an accompanying Teacher's Activity Book.

  • The release of the Training Gaps Analysis for Librarians and Library Technicians.

  • The Convergent Project will happen in Winnipeg in late February. This exciting initiative will result in a groundbreaking training template that can be used to train New Media and Film and Television writers, directors and producers who want to take advantage of the multiplatform universe that is at their fingertips.

Waiting in the Wings

In CHRC's cycle of life, November is the time to present project proposals to HRSDC for the following fiscal year. In that context, we are hopeful that we will receive funding to pursue the National Industry Training Strategies for Music and Sound Recording, Film and Broadcasting, New Media, and Publishing. We have received a request from HRSDC to prepare a more detailed version of the proposals. We will know by March or April if the funding is approved.

January Board Meeting

The CHRC Board of Directors will be holding its quarterly January meeting in Vancouver in the Boardroom of the Vancouver Alliance for Arts + Culture. We are inviting members of the Vancouver cultural community to join the Board and staff for an informal breakfast reception on Monday morning, January 29, 2007, from 8:30 to 9:30. We hope to meet and greet many, despite the early hour! Such gatherings give CHRC a wonderful opportunity to meet its members and the broader sector and to inform the community about what it is up to on behalf of Canadian artists and cultural workers across the country.

Youth Internship Program

It's that time of the year again!!

The CHRC through its Youth Internship Program (funded through Young Canada Works and Youth Career Focus programs), is seeking proposals from cultural institutions and organizations willing to offer dynamic opportunities in the areas of Arts Practice or Arts Administration to recent college and university graduates ages 30 and under. If you have a 4-12 month position in mind and are looking for a positive addition to your team send us your application.

Deadlines for submissions are February 1, 2007 and February 15, 2007

For program specific guidelines and application forms go to

Make a difference, be a mentor, invest in the future, and learn from emerging cultural workers!

Staff Changes

We are pleased to announce that we have hired Michael Lechasseur as our Web Coordinator to replace Kim Larocque who is on maternity leave.

As always - we invite you to contact us!

We want and welcome your comments and queries. Don't hesitate to contact us:
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