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Cross Sectoral Recovery Roundtables (CSRR) – Nominations due Sept. 10 + other updates

Please find below a number of important updates regarding CHRC’s community-driven Cross Sectoral Recovery Roundtables project.

N.B. Developed in consultation with sector associations culminating in a vote/survey at the end of May with 84% in favour, the Cross Sectoral Recovery Roundtables will focus on mid-term actions for 2 years. The roundtables being called by the Minister of Canadian Heritage, and the town halls organized by Business for the Arts et al are unique and distinct events with immediate impact. These initiatives all have value, and we encourage broad participation in each of them.

Nominations due September 10: Caucus Representatives

The nomination period for Caucus Representatives is open until September 10th, 2020 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Please reach out to leaders within your discipline and forward nominations to to ensure your sector is represented at the roundtables. For your convenience, a generic nomination form is attached to this correspondence.

Key dates
Thursday, September 10: Nominations period closes (5 p.m. Pacific)
Monday, September 14: Voting period opens
Thursday, September 24: Voting period closes (5 p.m. Pacific)

Updated Governance Documents

Governance documents for the roundtables were finessed over the summer in consideration of the feedback received during the second wave of consultations conducted in May 2020, and in deference to operationalizing the project. The governance guidelines are available in English and in French.

You may also refer to the current organizational chart for an overview.

A note regarding CSRR project membership: All organizations receiving this email with a caucus specific nomination form were automatically added to the projects’ membership list in order to promote full and equitable participation by Canadian ASOs and Artist Associations. If you are receiving a generic nomination form, and would like to be added to the list of ASOs and Artist Associations who are able to fully participate in this project, please let us know by email at For further information on membership parameters, please refer to page 3 of the governance guidelines.

Laying the Foundation for Collaborative Cross Sectoral Action

Following elections (as outlined on page 2 of the nomination form), caucus representative will be asked to compile and/or synthesize a report. They will be reaching out to caucus members for their input. This will help ensure information flows to the roundtables, and then back to all caucus members. This will ideally save time for many Association leaders; as cross sectoral updates are delivered, there will be less pressure on 200+ leaders to do it all independently.

But what will the Roundtables do?

The mandate and objectives of the CSRR project are on page 1 of the governance document. The roundtables are self-determining. The agenda for meetings 1 and 2 are intended to provide focus on the top three to five issues affecting us all. When we’re able to say “this is important to us, and we represent the nearly 800,000 Canadians working in culture”, our collective voice will be heard loud and clear.

CHRC Steering Committee for the CSRR project

CHRC is pleased to announce its CSRR Steering Committee members. The Steering Committee has been put together and activated to:

  • offer general oversight on the process;
  • give suggestions on the project;
  • serve as an external consultation process if/when need be.

The Steering Committee will not be involved in the minutiae or CSRR workflow but rather works as an oversight mechanism and independent discussion board of senior advisors.

CHRC wishes to thank the following individuals for graciously accepting the invitation to sit on this committee:

Richard Hornsby
Pascale Landry
Duncan McKie
Robert Sirman
Thom Sparling
Zainub Verjee

We look forward to your participation!

This project’s success relies on the participation of all arts and culture sector stakeholders. Please contact us as indicated below at your convenience with any questions, concerns, or comments.


Grégoire Gagnon, Executive Director, CHRC – 613-562-1535, ext. 22;
Jane Needles, CSRR Project Consultant – 514-914-2448;
Hamal Docter, CSRR Project Consultant – 647-831-4295;