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Cross Sectoral Recovery Roundtables – Call for nominations for Caucus Representatives

To: All Canadian arts and culture stakeholders

Good afternoon,

CHRC is pleased to launch the Cross Sectoral Recovery Roundtables (CSRR) nominations and elections process today. You are invited to nominate candidates to serve as discipline/industry representatives using the nominations form attached. Page 2 of the attached document outlines the nominations and elections process timetable, as well as the anticipated dates for the first three roundtable meetings.

Key dates

Monday, August 10: Nominations period opens
Thursday, September 10: Nominations period closes (5 pm Pacific)
Monday, September 14: Voting period opens
Thursday, September 24: Voting period closes (5 pm Pacific)

If you, your arts service organization and/or artist association wish to sign up to a primary or secondary caucus, please respond with your name, organization name, email and desired caucus designation(s) to ensure that we add you to the caucus list(s) and/or the general information list for this project.

  • Primary caucus members vote and report through that caucus; secondary caucus members participate in information exchange (observer-participant).
  • Secondary caucus member status is intended for bilingual and/or official language minority national organizations, and organizations with jurisdiction in two or more areas.
  • Caucus change requests sent to by Friday, September 4 will be reflected in the election process.

The governance guidelines are being finessed based on the feedback we received during the vote/poll conducted in late May. The updated governance documents will be available by the end of August, and an accompanying document will present all changes in the interest of transparency. Please refer to the updated organizational chart for a current overview of the roundtables’ composition.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this email or contact us as indicated below.


Grégoire Gagnon, Executive Director, CHRC – 613-562-1535, ext. 22;
Jane Needles, CSRR Project Consultant – 514-914-2448;
Hamal Docter, CSRR Project Consultant – 647-831-4295;