Managing and Mentoring

> Competency Charts, Competency Profiles and Training Gaps Analyses

These charts and profiles are designed to help you achieve your professional vision, by providing a map of the training needed to find success in your chosen field.

They were developed by experts in the industry from across the country, including representatives from large and medium-size companies, and self-employed freelancers.

Here are some guiding questions to help you decide if you would benefit from using these competency tools:

Cultural workers

  • Are you looking for a job in Managing and Mentoring?
  • Do you need help evaluating your skills and training needs?


  • Do you want to identify the skills and HR needs of your organization?
  • Do you need help defining job recruitment profiles or individual position descriptions?
  • Do you need help developing competency-based professional development programs?
  • Do you need help negotiating and customizing training programs?
  • Do you need help developing career planning programs?

Professional organizations

  • Do you want access to HR tools that will help your members identify skills gaps/shortages and specific educational and training needs?


  • Are your education/training programs and curricula keeping up with the industry?
  • Do you need help accessing the latest HR tools for curriculum design and development?
  • Are you providing your students with the skills employers require?

Cultural Managers

Chart of Competencies

Competency Profile

Cultural Mentors

Chart of Competencies
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Competency Profile
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Training Gaps Analysis (2009)
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Competency Chart, Profile and Training Gaps Analysis in PDF