High School


Resources to help students explore a career in arts and culture.

The Art of Managing Your Career

Your students need to know the realities of self-employment – its benefits and challenges – if they want to earn a living from their art. The Art of Managing Your Career and Discipline Enhancements (in writing, theatre, music, dance, film, visual arts, crafts, and digital media) with a high school Teacher's Guide will help you introduce them to the business skills they will need as self-employed artists. Also available is Artist as Entrepreneur, a Grade 11 college preparation course material created by teachers for teachers.


Careers in Culture

Introduce your students to the lingo, networks, job opportunities, education paths, and career potential in the different cultural sub-sectors. Use the teacher's guide Lights Up! and the 8 mini sites and 6 corresponding booklets (in visual arts and crafts, live performing arts, film and television, music and sound recording, writing and publishing, and heritage) to engage them in considering a career in culture.


Towards a Career in Digital Media

A successful career in Digital Media inevitably means being part of a creative team. Towards a Career in Digital Media prepares students for that reality. This 12-lesson mini-course, intended to be integrated into existing curriculum, is for grade 12 students in visual arts, language arts and computer science who are contemplating a career in the Digital Media industry. Through the specific learning objectives of each lesson, students come together as a simulated Digital Media team: they gain understanding of their vital individual roles in creating a DM product, and are exposed to the full range of skills needed by all players on the team.