The Art of Export Marketing

> Are You Ready to Export to International Markets?

J. Demonstrate Personal Competencies

  • Negotiate
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to milieu, to the cultural sector and to cultural differences
  • Stay current
  • Demonstrate analytical skills
  • Demonstrate research skills
  • Utilize new technologies
  • Demonstrate perseverance
  • Demonstrate initiative
  • Demonstrate discernment
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrate vision
  • Demonstrate leadership
  • Demonstrate teamwork skills
  • Demonstrate management skills
  • Demonstrate flexibility
  • Demonstrate marketing skills
  • Self-assess
  • Demonstrate professionalism
  • Focus on goals

Patience and attention to detail lead to exporting success - Consult BCD – Entrepreneurs First,

Be aware of international politics.  Consult The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service,, search for Exporters. Consult Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada,, search for Foreign Relations. Work closely with Canadian embassies and consulates.

Learn about the ATA Carnet (Admission temporaire/Temporary admission). This international, unified customs document simplifies customs procedures for the temporary duty free admission of three main categories of goods traded internationally: commercial samples; goods for presentation or use at trade fairs, shows, exhibitions or similar events; professional equipment. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the official issuing agent of ATA Carnets in Canada:

Be multi-disciplinary in order to augment your chances of participating in global projects.

How did you do?

I have none of the above skills.

I have some of the above skills.

I have all the above skills to ensure my success in exporting my product to international markets!