The Art of Export Marketing

> Are You Ready to Export to International Markets?

G. Manage Projects

  • Develop an operational plan
  • Recruit required expertise
  • Manage expenses and revenues
  • Facilitate progress
  • Monitor progress
  • Evaluate project
  • Follow up

How to hire the right people for your business
Interview techniques to better evaluate candidates
Nine essential management strategies for entrepreneurs
Consult BCD – Entrepreneurs First,

Plan the resources you will need.

Allow for enough time to apply for funding.

Do not charge GST to US clients/clients outside of Canada, but keep your export-related documentation for 6 years in case you are audited.

Consult The Art of Managing Your Career (Chapter 3 - The A to Z of Project Management)

Hone your export skills by becoming a FITT Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) Forum for International Trade Training,

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