The Art of Export Marketing

> Are You Ready to Export to International Markets?

B. Research Export Markets and Issues

  • Identify export markets and opportunities
  • Ascertain treaties, accords, regulations and international laws for export opportunities
  • Quantify and qualify export markets
  • Identify competition
  • Identify similar export endeavours
  • Determine ways to access markets
  • Identify potential partners
  • Analyze foreign industry standards
  • Analyze cross-cultural issues

Research…research…research… "Obtain on-the-ground assistance. Find out about our free services to exporters and access our network of trade commissioners in Canada or in foreign markets for practical advice on foreign markets and on-the-ground intelligence." Consult The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service's Knowledge Centre,

Consult the experts - they get paid to keep abreast of barriers and regulations; consult the officers at the Canada Business Network ( and at Export Development Canada ( Consult the experts in your province and check out EDC's weekly commentary: Export Outlook: A Provincial Perspective.

Start small: focus on the most promising market and one or two products.

Be aware of barriers and regulations.

Partner with others to gain immediate market access.

Financing sources/How to enter a foreign market - Consult BCD – Entrepreneurs First,

Research export markets at Export Development Canada,

To get market entry assistance, consult the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC),

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