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Digital Media Content Creation Technology Roadmap

This comprehensive project began with a visioning meeting in February 2008 which brought together leaders in the Digital Media industry from across the country. Their goal was to imagine where Digital Media content creation would be in five years and what "technology" steps, and corresponding "skills development" steps, would need to happen to realize the vision.

The report identifies six major technology projects and potential collaborators, and corresponding skills development projects, which need to happen over the next five years for Canada's multi-billion dollar Digital Media industry to be competitive in the global market.

Technology Projects

  • Open, fast, and affordable networks/access with quality of service;
  • Tools for compression to optimize bandwidth use;
  • Collaborative creation network environments and tools;
  • Mobile network and device technologies to distribute, create and present content/services (Open network);
  • Digital media usability research network;
  • Centralized interoperable mechanism for micro-transactions

Digital Media Content Creation Technology Roadmap (2009)