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Competency Chart for an Interactive Digital Media Team

Developing interactive digital media content and relational experiences is a team affair. Whether it is a two-person or 20-person team, the same skills are required to complete the creation, project management and business functions.

An IDM Team member may be involved in more than one function, of course. It is common in small and medium IDM businesses to have IDM Team members wear different hats.

The point is: all the skills are needed.

CHRC's IDM Team Competency Chart helps:

  • Team members to evaluate their own skills and training needs to be an effective team member;

  • Employers to write job descriptions and build IDM Teams;

  • and Educators/Trainers to develop curriculum.

The three functions of an Interactive Digital Media Team are:

  • The Creation function refers to the process of conceiving, creating and producing interactive digital media experiences from start to finish. Artistic and, technical skills are included.

  • Project management refers to the function of directing, supervising and controlling a project from beginning to end.

  • Business refers to the function of the business operation at a high level; it involves securing and overseeing the financing of the project and ensuring its successful marketing and distribution.

Select all or any of the three functions:


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