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Towards a Career in Digital Media: High School Teacher's Guide
This 12-lesson mini-course, intended to be integrated into existing curriculum, is for grade 12 students in visual arts, language arts and computer science who are contemplating a career in the Digital Media industry. Through the specific learning objectives of each lesson, they come together as a simulated Digital Media team: they gain understanding of their vital individual roles in creating a DM product, and are exposed to the full range of skills needed by the other players on the team.

Project Management 101 for the Digital Media Industry
The Agile project management approach is a well suited solution to the serious project management skills gaps in the DM industry. Learn why and how to implement it in your team with this training offering.

Production Accounting 101
Production Accounting 101 is a resource package for purchase by trainers who want to offer workshops or in depth courses on production accounting in the film and television industry. These resources can be directed to accountants wanting to get into the film and television industry; and to those already in the industry who want to get to the heart of it through accounting.

Convergence Media
Its unique training template brings together the linear and non-linear story telling of film and television, and new media, and provides guidance in developing convergence projects with an emphasis on actual hands on project development through teamwork. The 18 sessions include instruction in writing business models, considering funding approaches, and setting timelines. It is designed for use by professional associations and educators/ trainers to facilitate and encourage training in convergence projects across the country to allow our cultural industries to take full advantage of multiplatform delivery.

The Art of Managing Your Career
Developed by artists and cultural workers, The Art of Managing Your Career provides emerging self-employed artists and cultural workers with pertinent and practical information to better manage their careers.