Careers in Culture – Careers in Visual Arts and Crafts

> Building a winning portfolio

When you begin your career path in visual arts, crafts or design, you'll need strategies to help you get into arts programs, find markets for your work, and locate contracts or jobs in your chosen field.

If you're a visual artist, craftsperson or graphic designer, then you'll need a portfolio and a specialized résumé to promote yourself. Your portfolio is especially important. Educators, gallery owners, graphic design firms and prospective clients want to see samples of your work that demonstrate your creativity and skills. Your portfolio and submission package will be important tools to help you find opportunities as an artist or craftsperson.

Perhaps you have a knack for administration and are looking for work in an artists' co-op, art gallery or museum. Maybe you're interested in writing about new media for an e-zine. Or perhaps you'd enjoy working in an art supplies store dealing with artists on a daily basis. Whatever your interest, if you're applying for contract work or a part- or full-time position, your work search package should include a well-written cover letter and résumé.