Careers in Culture – Careers in Visual Arts and Crafts

> Your education can take you places

Visual arts, crafts and design are each highly specialized fields with many branches. Pursuing your career goals means identifying which path interests you most, and which educational or training programs could put you on that path.

Education usually means enrolling in a university or college or Cégep program that leads to a degree or diploma in your chosen specialty. Specialized training can mean taking courses, workshops and seminars or participating in mentorships and apprenticeships that provide hands-on experience but don't usually lead to a degree or diploma.

Get the Right Education and Training

Research an institution.
The type of school and teachers you’re looking for depends on your interests. For example, if you want to major in art history, you’ll want professors who are well known in the field. If you want arts, crafts or design instruction, you need teachers who are working artists whose experience can guide you. If you are interested in computer art, consider an institution that offers a well-respected program in this field. And check out the art of the teachers or professors you are thinking of studying with to see if you are interested in learning aspects of their kind of artwork.

Visit the campus and the studios.
This is your opportunity to get a feel for how a school runs and the kind of art teaching you’d experience. Do you think you’d enjoy being a student there?

Talk to students and graduates.
Get first-hand information on programs and learn about different student experiences. The more people you talk to, the better chance you’ll have of making a good educational choice.

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Want to learn more about educational programs and schools? Talk to:

  • A professional artist you admire in your community.
  • Local arts schools.
  • A teacher or career/guidance counsellor.
  • A local librarian.
  • Arts organizations in your community.
  • The professional organizations listed on this website.