Careers in Culture – Careers in Visual Arts and Crafts

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Section 1 – What You Need to Know
In the first section, “What You Need to Know”, we:

  • Look at the various job opportunities available in visual arts and crafts and graphic design.
  • Help you determine if careers in visual arts, crafts or graphic design might be in your future.
  • Examine some of the things successful visual arts and crafts people have in common.
  • Explore the future of visual arts and crafts and learning.

Section 2 – What You Need to Do
In the second section, “What You Need to Do”, we:

  • Explore the various educational paths you should follow in order to make yourself marketable in the competitive visual arts and crafts field.
  • Show you how to market yourself by creating great cover letters, effective résumés, and performing well in interviews.
  • Provide you with a list of helpful links, so that when you are ready to pursue your exciting new career, you will have all the tools at your disposal.