Careers in Culture – Careers in Visual Arts and Crafts

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Do you dream in colour? Is your eye constantly engaged with the shape, line and curve of things? Are your hands always doing, creating? Then perhaps you should consider a career in the visual arts, crafts or design. Craftspeople have an opportunity to create objects that are beautiful and often functional. Visual artists challenge viewers to see the world around them with new eyes. Designers make functional objects attractive and pleasing to use. Artists and craftspeople have made their mark since the dawn of civilization, and continue to light our way in exploring the potential of our worlds – real and imagined. If you choose a visual arts, crafts or design career, you’ll find a world of opportunity to express yourself.

The Mind's Eye: Careers in Visual Arts, Crafts and Design is part of a series of online resources to help you research, plan and achieve your cultural career goals. They have been developed by the Cultural Human Resources Council, a national not for profit organization that represents artists and arts organizations across Canada. Explore CHRC’s website to learn more about other careers in culture.