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> Tools to help you get prepared

“I adore the fluidity of this work – I literally cannot predict what I will be dealing with from one day to the next. What I most recommend for those coming into this career is to follow your passion: the work is too hard and the hours too long to stay in a job you hate. Find out what you most want to support, and find a way to build a life around it.”
- David Cheoros, General Manager, Theatre Network, Edmonton

So, you want to get into a career in cultural management, but you don’t know how to get there. This part of the website offers three types of material that may help you reflect on what you have to offer, and then turn around and sell yourself as a cultural manager.

In this section, you will find:

  • A tool to help you reflect on your own experiences and describe them to a potential employer.
  • Suggestions for finding a position in the field.
  • Specific information on résumé writing and cover letters, including samples.
  • Coaching to help you prepare for an interview.